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HS Nationals Tier II Latest: The Quarterfinals

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HS Nationals Tier II Latest: The Quarterfinals

KC was powerful against Berks. Alex Goff photo.

Aspetuck, SOC Raptors, KC Jr. Blues, and Vienna are moving on to the Boys HS National Championships Tier II semifinals after those four teams won on Thursday.

Aspetuck fell behind 10-0 to a tough Penn side, but didn't wilt. Instead, they started to work better together and found a better overall pace of the game. But most of it was about handling the size and physicality of the Penn side.

"It was a mindset adjustment,"said lock Mike Lau. "They're a bigger team than us ... maybe some of us were a little intimidated in the first five minutes, but we came back and we fought."

Aspetuck nudged themselves ahead just before halftime and added two more scored to lead 22-10 before Penn scored late. But it wasn't enough.

SOC Raptors scored in the first 30 seconds of their game against Raleigh, but the Redhawks came right back and scored to tie it up. 

The Redhawks plays fast and daring, and the Raptors had to be patient and smart and wait for their chance. When they were able to play with the wind the Southern California team was able to pull away 38-22.

"They kind of put us on the back foot in the first half," said Keegan Hannon. "But the second half came around we had the wind so we had the advantage and we took it to them."

The Kansas City Jr. Blues unleashed a powerful attack. They had size on the inside and speed on the outside against an injury-hit Berks side. The Pennsylvania side led early with a penalty, but the game got away from them as they fell off tackles.

The Blues looked impressive in winning 57-3. 

Berks Head Coach Greg Stelluti said his team can't know the level until they play it. 

"It's a tough lesson but you have to make your tackles against these teams."

Vienna scored early and seemed like they might roll on St. Thomas Aquinas as they went right back down to threaten the tryline again. But Aquinas defended tenaciously and made every point difficult for the Virginia side.

The teams traded back and forth and it was 19-15 for Vienna late when they scored to finish it off 26-15. But it was not a comfortable win for Vienna at all.


Friday Games:
Tier II 5th-Place Semifinals

10AM White: Raleigh vs Berks
11:30 White: Penn vs St. Thomas Aquinas

Tier II Cup Semifinals
10AM Blue: SOC Raptors vs KC Jr. Blues
11:30 Blue: Vienna vs Aspetuck