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HS Nationals Scores and Semifinal Matchups

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HS Nationals Scores and Semifinal Matchups

Jesuit looked impressive vs Greenwich. Alex Goff photo.

Here are the Boys HS National Championship Scores and tomorrow's Matchups.

Tier II
SOC Raptors 38-22 Raleigh Redhawks
KC Jr. Blues 57-3 Berks
Penn 15-22 Aspetuck
St. Thomas Aquinas 15-26 Vienna

HS Club
Granite Bay 25-24 Layton Christian
Charlotte Cardinals 5-17 San Diego Mustangs
Woodlands 39-29 Danville
Belmont Shore 37-24 Pendleton

Gonzaga 40-15 Rye
Herriman 24-26 Xavier
Jesuit Sacramento 46-5 Greenwich
St. Ignatius 44-10 Regis Jesuit

Friday Matchups (White or Blue designated which field)

Tier II 5th-Place Semifinals
10AM White: Raleigh vs Berks
11:30 White: Penn vs St. Thomas Aquinas

Tier II Cup Semifinals
10AM Blue: SOC Raptors vs KC Jr. Blues
11:30 Blue: Vienna vs Aspetuck

HS Club 5th-Place Semifinals
1PM White: Layton Christian vs Charlotte Cardinals
2:30PM White: Danville vs Pendleton

HS Club Cup Semifinals
1PM Blue: Granite Bay vs San Diego Mustangs
2:30PM Blue: Woodlands vs Belmont Shore

Single-School 5th-Place Semifinals
4PM White: Rye vs Herriman
5:30PM White: Regis Jesuit vs Greenwich

Single-School Cup Semifinals
4PM Blue: Gonzaga vs Xavier
5:30PM Blue St. Ignatius vs Jesuit Sacramento