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HS All Americans Wrap Winter Camp

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HS All Americans Wrap Winter Camp

Salty Thompson has a new crop of players to work with. David Barpal photo.

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (USA Rugby Release) – The USA Rugby Boys High School All-Americans, supported by Aircraft Charter Solutions, completed a four-day Winter Camp at the tail end of the 2015 calendar year at Casa Grande Sports Academy.

Home to the renowned Real Salt Lake Academy and considered one of the best training venues in the country, the Academy hosted 111 high school players between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. More than 90 percent of the Camp attendees were recruited from last summer's Regional Cup Tournaments, as well as returning BHSAA selections from the 2015 Las Vegas Invitational and Stars and Stripes Camp.

Kicking off alongside the tail end of the USA Rugby AIG Men's Junior All-Americans' Winter Camp at the same complex, BHSAA Head Coach Salty Thompson's Camp began Sunday, Dec. 27, with fitness testing, and progressed to skill development, unit work, and team preparation.

Twenty-one members of staff, including counselors, trainers, managers, and coaches, provided a 5:1 player-to-staff ratio across the 58,000-square foot training center. Athletes received hands-on attention to detail from the staff in regards to performance, education, and recovery, with the latter buoyed by the therapy pools at the Academy.

The high school-aged players also took part in a seminar on preparing for college with the assistance of Karen Fong Donaghue, a current referee and former All-American. Adding to the educational portion of the Camp, the coaching staff also mentored and engaged players in the evaluation and performance review process.

"Players arrived fit and focused to perform," Thompson said. "Expectations and standards were set before Camp and the staff did an exceptional job providing a quality experience."

The BHSAAs will next take to the pitch in the sevens code of the game at the 2016 Las Vegas Invitational, where Thompson's charges won two Cups and a Plate across the 2013 and 2014 tournaments and finished runners-up last year. Additional competition opportunities include a sevens tournament north of the U.S.-Canada border and 15s matches in Canada, all scheduled throughout the summer.


Boys HS All-Americans | 2015 Winter Camp
First Name Last Name Age Grade Position Club
Devehn Afemata 17 12 Prop Belmont Shore Rugby (CA)
David Ainuu 16 11 Prop Liberty (WA)
Tyren Al-Jiboori 15 10 Wing Union HS (OK)
Ayden Augspurg 15 9 Prop Park Hill South (MO)
Charlie Baggett IV 17 12 Hooker Lowland Lions (UT)
Connor Bercik 17 12 Center Fairfield Prep (CT)
Luke Bienstock 17 12 Wing Greenwich HS (CT)
David Bortins 17 12 Center Southern Pines (NC)
John Bradfield 17 11 Flyhalf St. Edward HS (OH)
William Brennan 18 12 Center Seattle Vikings (WA)
Grant Broeder 18 12 Fullback Eureka HS (MO)
Ben Broselle 16 11 Fullback Chuckanut Bay (WA)
Trevor Brueningsen 18 12 Prop Jupiter Sharks (FL)
Jake Burns 16 11 Back row Chuckanut Bay (WA)
Kai Carlberg 15 10 Center Springfield Celts (IL)
Satchel Carnine 17 12 Prop Penn Rugby (IN)
Asa Carter 16 11 Lock Union HS (OK)
Brendan Cheung 15 10 Lock Mira Mesa Aztec Warriors (CA)
Konor Coan 16 11 Prop Paraparaumu College (New Zealand)
Jacob Cortinas 14 9 Scrumhalf Peninsula Green (CA)
Taylor Damron 17 12 Fullback Back Bay Sharks (CA)
Ruben de Haas 17 11 Scrumhalf Little Rock Junior Stormers (AR)
Amar Dhillon 15 10 Center Mother Lode (CA)
James Doering 16 10 Prop St. Thomas Aquinas HS (KS)
Sean Dowling 17 11 Prop Fort Hunt (VA)
Kaleikaumaka Duke 16 11 Center West Side Warriors (UT)
Owen Duvall 17 12 Prop Coastal Dragons (CA)
Christian Dyer 17 12 Flyhalf Jesuit HS of Sacramento (CA)
Beau Falco 17 12 Lock Santa Clarita Valley Tigers (CA)
Joseph Fezza 18 12 Prop Jupiter Sharks (FL)
Nolan Filteau 15 10 Prop Amoskeag (NH)
Royce Fisher 16 11 Flyhalf Los Gatos Lions (CA)
Keoni Francis 16 11 Prop CY-Fair Bobcats (TX)
Matthew Freeman 15 9 Back row Gonzaga College HS (DC)
Joseph Freeman 18 12 Back row Gonzaga College HS (DC)
Benny Gonda 18 12 Prop Santa Monica Dolphins (CA)
Anton Grigoriou 17 12 Flyhalf Back Bay Sharks (CA)
Jacob Hedge 17 12 Hooker Shore HS (Australia)
Zachary Heisterkamp 17 12 Back row St. Edward HS (OH)
Allan Hogue 16 11 Lock United (UT)
Owen Hundt 17 12 Center St. Edward HS (OH)
Tristan Ingold 18 12 Scrumhalf Kent Crusaders (WA)
Ryan James 16 11 Wing Aztec Warriors (CA)
Michael Jennings 16 11 Center Staples HS (CT)
Garrett Kay 16 11 Back row Jesuit HS of Sacramento (CA)
Killian Keane 16 10 Flyhalf Eastside Lions (WA)
Isaia Kruse 15 10 Scrumhalf Bullard HS (CA)
Mikaele Kruse 17 12 Center Bullard HS (CA)
Kyle Lazera 15 10 Scrumhalf Jupiter Sharks (FL)
Russell Lemaster 14 9 Back row Royal Irish (IN)
Sean Lumkong 16 11 Center Coastal Dragons (CA)
Griffin Maat 16 11 Lock St. Thomas HS (TX)
Clayton Macauley 17 11 Back row Mother Lode (CA)
Patrick Madden 17 11 Fullback Aztec Warriors (CA)
Gabriel Mahuinga 16 11 Hooker Herriman Mustangs (UT)
Sim Mander 17 12 Wing St. Paul's School (England)
Clive Manuao 18 12 Center Back Bay Sharks (CO)
Jack Manzo 16 11 Hooker Xavier HS (NY)
Conor McManus 16 10 Scrumhalf Fort Hunt (VA)
Evan McTaggart 17 12 Prop Glen Ellyn Ducks (IL)
Patrick McTiernan 16 11 Wing Greenwich HS (CT)
Jack Miller 17 12 Back row Brookline HS (MA)
Douglas Mitchell 16 10 Prop Granite Bay (CA)
Skyler Mitchell 17 11 Back row Mother Lode (CA)
Daniel Monroe 16 11 Back row Los Gatos Lions (CA)
Soh Nakayama 17 12 Scrumhalf Greenwich HS (CT)
Kevin Ndou 17 12 Prop Pelham Rugby (NY)
Christian Newby 16 10 Center Southern Pines (NC)
Noah Niumataiwalu 17 12 Scrumhalf Archmere Academy (DE)
Christopher Noggle 16 11 Back row Stingrays (CA)
Sean Nolan 15 9 Flyhalf Back Bay Sharks (CA)
Jeremy Ockomichalak 17 11 Prop Santa Monica Dolphins (CA)
Oscar Ockomichalak 18 12 Hooker Santa Monica Dolphins (CA)
Karem Odeh 17 12 Prop Brunswick Blue Devils (OH)
Quinn Perry 16 11 Center Santa Monica Dolphins (CA)
Luke Persanis 17 11 Scrumhalf Pelham Rugby (NY)
Justin Petersen 16 11 Flyhalf Coastal Dragons (CA)
Gavin Prentice 15 9 Prop Eastside Lions WA)
Miles Rabinowitz 15 10 Flyhalf Mill Hill School, London (England)
Cory Ratka 17 11 Scrumhalf Kenmore Rugby (NY)
Alexander Rayton 16 11 Back row Woodlands (TX)
James Reid 14 8 Center Warrenton (VA)
Blake Richards-Smith 16 11 Lock Coastal Dragons (CA)
Ryan Robb 18 12 Back row Aspetuck Valley (CT)
Steven Rohde 16 11 Back row St. Thomas Aquinas HS (KS)
Joseph Rusert-Cuddy 17 11 Back row Palmer HS Terrors (CO)
Kyle Saalfeld 18 12 Back row Kent Crusaders (WA)
Matthew Sanders 18 12 Center Santa Monica Dolphins (CA)
Joshua Schnell 16 11 Lock Katy Barbarians (TX)
Chase Schor Haskin 16 11 Back Row Weston (FL)
Garrett Shepherd 16 11 Scrumhalf Mother Lode (CA)
Dillon Shotwell 17 12 Prop Kingwood Rugby (TX)
Connor St. Clair 15 9 Prop Charlotte Tigers (NC)
Austin Strehlow 16 11 Lock Danville Oaks (CA)
Faitala Talapusi 16 11 Center Peninsula Green (CA)
Thomas Tameilau 16 10 Prop Peninsula Green (CA)
Bronson Teles 17 12 Back row Katy Barbarians (TX)
Halleluiah Tiauli 17 12 Prop Rainier Junior Highlanders (WA)
Adam Tounkara 15 10 Prop Maryland Exiles (MD)
Kyle Van Tonder 16 10 Flyhalf Rocky Mountain HS (ID)
Quinlan Vasey 17 11 Back row Chuckanut Bay (WA)
Avery Vignolle 16 10 Back row Santa Monica Dolphins (CA)
Joshua Warnock 18 12 Lock Peninsula Green (CA)
Nathan Watts 17 12 Prop Dallas Harlequins (TX)
Austin Welsh 15 10 Back row Cokethorpe School (England)
John Wendling 16 11 Center Chuckanut Bay (WA)
Bailey Wilson 15 10 Back row United (UT)
Edward Wood 18 12 Back row Back Bay Sharks (CA)
Noah Wright 16 10 Scrumhalf Liberty (WA)
Marcos Young 17 11 Flyhalf Key Biscayne Rats (FL)
Nicholas Zimmer 16 11 Hooker San Diego Mustangs (CA)