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Historical US Men's College Champs

College Men

Historical US Men's College Champs

Colleen McCloskey photo.

Below is a list of all the national-level Men's college championships in US rugby history.

The list includes the all-star championships, which ended in 2011 and have not been brought back, and also includes privately-run competitions such as the CRC 7s, Varsity Cup, and NSCRO.

For those younger readers, a quick reminder that before 2011, there was only one DI-level championship, the Division 1 championship. Then in 2011 DI was split into DIA (then called the College Premier League), and DIAA, and then later the Varsity Cup was developed.

Here are the lists:


Men College Historical Champions  
Men DIA          
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd  
2016 Moraga, CA Life St. Mary's Utah & Lindenwood
2015 Kennesaw, GA St. Mary's Life Davenport & Lindenwood
2014 Palo Alto CA St. Mary's Life Lindenwood & Arkansas State
2013 Greensboro NC Life St. Mary's Arkansas State & Cal Poly
2012 Sandy UT BYU Arkansas State St. Mary's & Life
2011 Sandy UT California BYU Arkansas State & Utah
Men DIAA          
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd  
2016 Fall Greenville, SC Notre Dame College Bowling Green Lindenwood-Belleville & Cincinnati 
2016 Moraga, CA UC Davis Notre Dame College AIC & Arkansas
2015 Palto Alo CA UC Davis Central Florida West Virginia & Arkansas
2014 Palto Alo CA Central Florida Arizona Bowling Green & San Diego
2013 Bowling Green OH Central Florida Lindenwood Dartmouth & W. Washington
2012 Sandy UT Davenport San Diego State Dartmouth & Tennessee
2011 Palto Alo CA Davenport UC Santa Barbara Bowling Green & Harvard
Fall final not full national championship          
Men DI          
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2010 Palto Alo CA California BYU Arkansas Sate & Army
2009 Palto Alo CA BYU California Army & San Diego State
2008 Palto Alo CA California BYU Colorado & St. Mary's
2007 Palto Alo CA California BYU Navy & Penn State
2006 Palto Alo CA California BYU Penn State & Utah
2005 Palto Alo CA California Utah BYU & Navy
2004 Palto Alo CA California Cal Poly Air Force & Navy
2003 Palto Alo CA Air Force Harvard California Army
2002 Virginia Beach VA California Utah Army Wyoming
2001 Virginia Beach VA California Penn Sate Navy Army
2000 Tampa FL California Wyoming Army IUP
1999 San Francisco CA California Penn Sate Navy Army
1998 San Francisco CA California Stanford Navy Indiana
1997 Berkeley CA California Penn Sate UC Davis Stanford
1996 Colorado Springs CO California Penn Sate Stanford Navy
1995 Berkeley CA California Air Force Penn State Army
1994 Washington DC California Navy Air Force Penn State
1993 Houston TX California Air Force Harvard Wisconsin
1992 Colorado Springs CO California Army Air Force Penn State
1991 Houston TX California Army Ohio State Wyoming
1990 Pebble Beach CA Air Force Army Ohio State CS Long Beach
1989 Colorado Springs CO Air Force CS Long Beach Army Penn State
1988 Pebble Beach CA California Dartmouth Air Force Bowling Green
1987 Pebble Beach CA San Diego State Air Force Bowling Green Dartmouth
1986 Pebble Beach CA California Dartmouth Air Force Bowling Green
1985 Pebble Beach CA California Maryland Colorado Illinois
1984 Pebble Beach CA Harvard Colorado CS Long Beach Miami (OH)
1983 Athens GA California Air Force Navy Illinois
1982 Greeley CO California Life Michigan New Mexico State
1981 Dayton OH California Harvard Miami (OH) Kansas State
1980 Davenport IA California Air Force Illinois Navy
Men DII College          
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2016 Fall Greenville SC UW-Whitewater Furman Norwich Minnesota-Duluth
2015 Fall Greenville SC Minnesota-Duluth UW-Whitewater Towson & Salisbury  
2014 Fall Greenville SC Minnesota-Duluth UW-Whitewater Notre Dame College James Madison
2013 Fall Greenville SC Minnesota-Duluth Salisbury UW-Whitewater & James Madison
2013 Spring Bowling Green OH Salisbury Minnesota-Duluth Towson & IUP
2012 Sandy UT Lindenwood Salisbury Utah Valley & Towson
2011 Pittsburgh PA UW-Whitewater Middlebury Salisbury & Sierra College
2010 Palto Alo CA Claremont Temple Miami (OH) & UMass
2009 Palto Alo CA Middlebury Wisconsin Georgetown & Miami (OH)
2008 Palto Alo CA Radford Utah Valley Coast Guard & Middlebury
2007 Palto Alo CA Middlebury Arkansas State Coast Guard & Salisbury
2006 Palto Alo CA Coast Guard Northern Colorado Claremont Colleges & Humboldt State
2005 Palto Alo CA Northern Colorado Humboldt State Georgetown & Michigan
2004 Palto Alo CA Salisbury Arkansas State Claremont Colleges & Coast Guard
2003 San Jose CA Radford Northern Colorado Claremont Colleges & Santa Rosa
2002 Virginia Beach VA Stanford Northern Iowa Sallisbury & Sam Houston State
2001 Virginia Beach VA Baylor Arkansas State Claremont Colleges & Nevada
2000 Columbus OH Sacramento State Claremont Colleges Northern Colorado Colby
1999 Cincinnati OH UC San Diego Chico State Northern Colorado Colby
1998 Clifton Park NY UC San Diego Oregon Salisbury Central Conn.
Men College All-Stars Tier A        
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2011 Glendale CO South So. California Midwest Pacific
2010 Glendale CO South Pacific So. California West
2009 Glendale CO So. California West Pacific Mid-Atlantic
2008 Glendale CO Pacific West Mid-Atlantic South
2007 Rochester NY Pacific West Mid-Atlantic So. California
2006 Boulder CO Pacific So. California West South
2005 Boulder CO Pacific West So. California Mid-Atlantic
2004 Boulder CO West Pacific So. California Midwest
2003 Vallejo CA Pacific West Midwest Military
2002 San Jose CA Pacific Military West South
2001 Boulder CO Midwest Pacific West Military
2000 Champaign IL South Pacific West Mid-Atlantic
1999 Amherst MA Pacific Midwest Mid-Atlantic Northeast
1998 Long Beach CA Pacific So. California Midwest South
1997 Boulder CO Pacific Midwest So. California Northeast
1996 Columbus, Pacific Midwest Northeast Mid-Atlantic
1995 Annapolis MD Pacific East Midwest West
1994 Long Beach CA Pacific East Midwest West
1993 Denver CO Pacific East Midwest West
1992 Lemont IL Pacific East West Midwest
1991 Brighton MA Pacific East Midwest West
1990 San Diego CA East Pacific Midwest West
1989 Colorado Springs CO East West Pacific Midwest
Men College All-Stars Tier B        
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2011 Glendale CO Mid-Atlantic West Northeast West
2010 Glendale CO Midwest Mid-Atlantic USA U20s Northeast
2009 Glendale CO South Midwest Northeast Military
2008 Glendale CO So. California Midwest Military Northeast
2007 Rochester NY South Midwest Northeast Rochester Selects
2006 Boulder CO Mid-Atlantic Midwest Military Northeast
2005 Boulder CO South Midwest Northeast Military
2004 Boulder CO Mid-Atlantic South Military Northeast
2003 Vallejo CA So. California South Northeast Mid-Atlantic
2002 San Jose CA Midwest So. California Mid-Atlantic Northeast
USA Rugby 7s DI Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2016 Cary, NC Saint Mary's AIC Davenport & Arizona State
2015 Denver, CO Lindenwood Davenport Utah & Central Wash.
2013 Greensboro, NC Arkansas State St. Mary's Dartmouth & Central Wash.  
2012 College State TX Arkansas State Life Delaware St. Mary's
2011 College State TX Life Central Washington Arkansas State Kutztown
USA Rugby 7s DII Location 1st 2nd    
2016 Cary, NC Minnesota-Duluth St. Louis Lindenwood-Belleville & UW-Whitewater  
2015 Denver, CO James Madison UW-Whitewater UM-Duluth & St. Louis  
2013 Greensboro, NC Principia UW-Stout Lafayette Sonoma State
Privately-Run Competitions  
National Small College Rugby Organization  
Men Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2016 Glendale CO Mount St. Mary's Claremont Colleges Southern Indiana E. Conn. State
2015 Glendale CO New England Coll. Mount St. Mary's St. John's (Minn) Cal Maritime
2014 Glendale CO St. John's (Minn) New England Denver Mount St. Mary's
2013 Glendale CO St. John's (Minn) Duke New England Denver
2012 Glendale CO Salve Regina Cal Maritime Franciscan North Florida
2011 Virginia Beach VA Longwood Occidental Salve Regina Ithaca
2010 Virginia Beach VA Penn State Berks Keene State Louisiana Lafayette William Paterson
2009 Cherry Hill NJ Coastal Carolina SUNY Oswego Longwood Salve Regina
2008 Clinton NY Plymouth State Furman Widener Hamilton
2007 Wake Forest NC Bentley Furman Longwood Allegheney
2006 Richmond VA Bentley The Citadel Franklin & Marshall Virginia Comm.
2005 Greenville SC Furman Duke Western Conn. State Lehigh
2004 Philadephia PA Furman Central Conn. State Albright Bentley
2003 Raleigh NC Furman Stonehill Franklin & Marshall Wake Forest
2002 Bethlehem PA Western Carolina Stonehill Lehigh Old Dominion
Varsity Cup 15s Invitational
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd  
2016 Sandy UT Cal BYU C. Washington & Arkansas State
2015 Sandy UT BYU Cal C. Washington & Navy
2014 Sandy UT BYU Cal C. Washington & Navy
2013 Provo UT BYU Cal C. Washington & Navy
Collegiate Rugby Championship 7s Invitational
Year Location 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2016 Chester PA Cal UCLA Kutztown & Arizona  
2015 Chester PA Cal Kutztown Arizona Life
2014 Chester PA Cal Kutztown UCLA & Life
2013 Chester PA Cal Life Navy & UCLA
2012 Chester PA Dartmouth Arizona Cal Life
2011 Chester PA Dartmouth Army Utah Central Washington
2010 Columbus OH Utah Cal Arizona & San Diego State