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Helena Honors Teammate with State Win

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Helena Honors Teammate with State Win

Helena came out of nowhere to win the Montana Boys HS championships this spring, coming into the state playoffs seeded 6th, but winning it all.

The final was played against Bitteroot, and was played in honor of a Helena player who had committed suicide - the game was played on the late player’s birthday.

“It was one of the most emotional games I’ve ever played in,” said captain and prop Cody Maykuth. “We needed to beat the #1 and #2 teams to win it and we did. We finally came together as a team. Everybody gave that little more, and we won.”

Back and co-captain Josh Schlicht powered through an injury to play in the game, and he said the expectations were not high.

“When we went into the first round we knew we’d be lucky to get close to winning,” said Schlicht. “But we won that first game and suddenly we knew we could do it. We came together a lot more - more as a family. We spend so much time together and that’s what makes a team better and more than just a team.”

Maykuth said Helena and Bitterroot players know each other well, and added that they wouldn’t have wanted any other opponent in the championship game.

“Our philosophy is pretty simple - give it to the big guy and smash it up the middle, and then get it out wide to the little fast guys and score,” said Maykuth. “We got some big games from a lot of players. Josh played really well. Sage Fairclough was the first guy at the breakdown and in the ruck.

“But winning was a great feeling because we all worked really, really hard for it,” said Maykuth. “We were an unstoppable force.”