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GRR Sits Down With Mike Friday

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GRR Sits Down With Mike Friday

Mike Friday speaks with Alex Goff.

USA Men's 7s team Head Coach Mike Friday says to expect a few more growing pains as he folds in newer players and players who have had time off.

In a long interview with Goff Rugby Report Editor Alex Goff, Friday acknowledged that the USA's results have not been up where he and the players expect.

"We got a couple of things wrong in both Dubai and in Cape Town," said Friday. "That's the pains, the growing pains on the World Series. And we got punished. And we're probably going to get punished again this season. Amd I bothered? Am I worried? I hate to lose. As we all do ... but the reality is this: it's all about getting ourselves ready ... for Tokyo. But don't get me wrong I want to win every tournament [and] the boys want to win every tournament."

In this interview, Friday touches on what he expects from his players, and how he is trying to build depth.

Goff asks Friday about whether Carlin Isles or Perry Baker might be in danger of losing a step as they get older (Friday: No.).

Friday talks about some of the players coming up through the ranks and how difficult it is to jump up to the World Series, and he also discusses how he manages veterans such as Danny Barrett.

And Friday also discusses the LA 7s and how excited the team is for a new look to the tournament. Friday also points out that his team is the last team to win in the USA, and also the last to win in LA, as he coached England to the USA 7s championship back in 2006.

See the full interview below (if you don't see the embedded video, refresh the page, it's there.)