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GRR Recruiting Data Base Linking HS Players And College Opportunity

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GRR Recruiting Data Base Linking HS Players And College Opportunity

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Goff Rugby Report's Recruiting Data Base is linking high school rugby student-athletes with colleges with strong rugby programs.

If you remain undecided on what you will do after high school graduation, fill out the information in our data base—it's free and you will be seen by vetted collegiate rugby coaches who have gone through our application process.

Does it work? Coaches are signing players as we speak. Here's a note from Anthony Frein, Head Coach at Iowa State.

"We’ve been able still build a legitimate incoming class, even with another D1 school in Iowa and Iowa Central in our state, also getting our program our first “blue chip” player in Alex Geisert," Frein said. "Over the last week or so I’ve been able to find about two dozen players in the neighboring states that meet academic thresholds (because I can search for key words and sort by GPA/ACT) to automatically get between $6K and $8K off their cost of attendance. At least two of these players have a parent that is an alum of ISU (another $1,500 off) that we would have never found without this database." 

Hundreds of high school rugby players and dozens of coaches are benefiting from Goff Rugby Report's High School Recruiting Data Base.

The Data Base is free for high school players. You fill out the form, and the information is stored securely for vetted college coaches to see.

To fill out the recruiting data base just go here>> It's free and it's for Girls and Boys

Are you a college or academy rugby coach who wants access to this list? We have to make sure you're actually a certified coach and have undergone a background check, but you can apply here>>. There is a charge for access.