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Granite Bay Plays For Stricken Teammate

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Granite Bay Plays For Stricken Teammate

Granite Bay and their Tyson Strong T-shirts in honor of Tyson Wasser.

In a rugby match against CenCal Rugby on April 30, 2023, Granite Bay front-rower Tyson Wasser sustained a blood clot in his neck that quickly turned into a stroke, and while Wasser is thankfully alive, he has a long road ahead of him.

During the match, Wasser started behaving erratically—he was losing function on his left side. Two players from the opposing team, Thomas Finocchio and Boston Bradford, noticed and, while play was going on, abandoned the game to assist Wasser and call for help. Their selflessness and quick thinking helped save Wasser's life. Because they identified a problem before anyone on the sideline could see, help came more quickly, and paramedics were called more quickly, and that care ultimately saved Tyson Wasser's life. 

Tyson Wasser joined the GBR Program in February 2023 and immediately become part of the team.

"His smile and his competitiveness were hard to miss," explained Granite Bay Head Coach Chris Miller. "His impact on the team was instant. The team fed of Tyson’s energy and his desire to get better and work for it. In one of his first practices with the forwards, he stole the drill. While working on a poaching drill and training the boys on how to steal the ball from the tackle-ruck, Tyson took over. He was unstoppable. Demonstrating in live action, Tyson stole almost every ball that game his way.

"This earned him the nickname Hungry, Hungry Hippo. He was hungry for the ball and would not be denied. That practice, that energy, that competitiveness had become the mantra for the forwards for the remainder of the season and is carrying them through today. Tyson’s attitude on the field is a direct reflection of the person off: leader, tough, smart, competitive, fun.”

“I got to learn from Tyson in many ways on the rugby field, especially his attitude. It is something we could all take an example from," said senior prop Bryan Bogne.

“Growing up with Tyson, he’s always been the most selfless, caring, and hard-working player I’ve been around," said teammate Avion Ganse. "He is as reliable as a human can get and is always going to give 110% for his brothers. His ability to blend into a team, up the chemistry along with competition for his mates is what every single rugby player and human should strive for in life. Our boys want to represent everything Tyson embodies at Nationals and hope to bring the title home for our Hungry, Hungry Hippo." 

Wasser has limited movement on his left side as a result of the stroke and he has a lot of work to do in order to regain full function. Unfortunately, his insurance only covers 21 days of rehab, and it will likely be much more than that for Wasser to get back to 100%.

The Granite Bay team has dedicated their season to Tyson and 

There is a rehab fund on GoFundMe raising money to help with Tyson Wasser's rehabilitation. You can access it here>>