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Good News Afoot for NDC Rugby Players

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Good News Afoot for NDC Rugby Players

Photos Jack Nece and Alex Goff.

We don't have a ton of details for you right now, but we do have some important news for anyone following the Notre Dame College rugby programs.

As reported—Notre Dame College to Shut Its Doors this Spring—Notre Dame College the institution is closing.

That leaves many students scrambling to find a new college or university to attend.

A movement has been afoot to provide not only an institution of higher learning but a rugby program for the NDC rugby players to move to.

We can tell you that this is going to happen. While the NDC rugby players (men and women) of course can choose to do whatever they choose to do, it looks like the rugby programs, with most, if not all, of their returning players, will be moving to another university campus for the fall of 2024.

What school? We'll tell you in a bit.