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Good Counsel Holds Latest in Clinic Series

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Good Counsel Holds Latest in Clinic Series

Good Counsel is holding a series of clinics during the winter.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Rugby hosted the latest in a series of free rugby clinics on Sunday.

Working in coordination with Maryland Exiles Youth Rugby, the event was attended by approximately 45 middle- and high- players. The clinic attendees engaged in a variety of drills, helping kids in a variety of skill levels.  Good Counsel coaches and 11 current and past players participated in the clinic and are looking forward to hosting another clinic in January

Capped Eagle Ben Cima, Rugby Development Officer for Young Glory, was part of the clinic.

“The talent in the DC area is abundant, so I am very fortunate to be working with Young Glory trying to identify and grow talent in the DMV," said Cima. "All I want is to get kids playing more rugby. The sport is a product that sells itself, so all we are looking at doing is finding ways to get people playing more."

Along with Cima and Good Counsel Rugby Head Coach Karl Heineman, several other coaches participated, including AJ Conway of the Maryland Exiles, Brandon Drummond of Old G;ory and Rocky Gorge, Jennifer "Putty" Putnam of Maryland Exiles, and Vince Rapposelli of Young Glory and Good Counsel.

"I believe kids need to be challenged in new ways to remain interested and playing is the easiest way to present those challenges to them," continued Cima. "That will naturally grow the game, and the second piece is bringing new standards to the way rugby is taught in the region. Not everyone is fortunate enough to receive high-level coaching firsthand, but those that have should be sharing that information with others in the community. That way we can foster competition in our own region and raise the baseline level of play in the DMV.