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Gonzaga Rugby Classic Returns for 2022

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Gonzaga Rugby Classic Returns for 2022

Photo Colleen McCloskey.

High School rugby tournaments are making their comebacks and in 2022 expect to see the Gonzaga Rugby Classic return.

The Gonzaga College High School Rugby Boosters has come together to ensure the tournament, which welcomes dozens of teams in a variety of age brackets, back to the Washington DC area.

The weekend of April 23-24 has been set aside for the tournament, with the specific venue to be confirmed.

Initially conceived as a tournament for Jesuit schools, the Gonzaga Rugby Classic has expended to boys High School  teams of all types. Last held in April of 2019, the Gonzaga Classic welcomed 10 Varsity teams, eight JV teams, and six freshman teams.

Gonzaga's varsity program usually wins this event, but that's not a sure thing, and in 2019, the Gonzaga Purple team needed penalty kicks to get past Aspetuck and play in the final (which they won).

If you have questions about the Gonzaga Rugby Classic, contact Owen Malone at: GonzagaRugby15@gmail.com


  2019 Gonzaga Classic Scores
1 Varsity Gonzaga Purple 33-10 West Shore
2 Varsity Aspetuck 26-7 West End
3 Varsity Raleigh Redhawks 51-0 Union Co.
4 Varsity Greenwich 63-7 Vienna
5 Freshmen Gonzaga Purple 39-7 Clayton
6 Freshmen Raleigh Redhawks v Legion
7 JV Gonzaga Purple 5-44 Clayton
8 JV Legion 44-0 Gonzaga Black
9 JV Raleigh Redhawks 5-76 Richmond
10 JV Aspetuck 72-5 Western Loudoun
11 Varsity Gonzaga Purple 38-14 Clayton
12 Varsity Aspetuck 51-5 Gonzaga Black
13 Varsity Western Loudoun 14-40 Legion
14 Varsity Good Counsel 52-12 Vienna
15 Freshmen Gonzaga Black 0-71 Raleigh Redhawks
16 Freshmen Aspetuck 51-5 Clayton
17 JV Clayton 35-7 Aspetuck
18 JV Legion 0-41 Richmond
19 JV Gonzaga Purple 31-10 Western Loudoun
20 JV Gonzaga Black 17-24 Raleigh Redhawks
21 Varsity West Shore 0-36 Clayton
22 Varsity Gonzaga Black 5-48 West End
23 Varsity Raleigh Redhawks 56-0 Legion
24 Varsity Greenwich 26-21 Good Counsel
25 Freshmen Gonzaga Purple 24-21 Aspetuck
26 Freshmen Gonzaga Black 10-55 Legion
  Varsity Clayton 14-10 West End
  Varsity Legion L-W Good Counsel
  Varsity West Shore 27-12 Gonzaga Black
  Varsity Western Loudoun 5-10 Vienna
  Varsity Gonzaga Purple 10-10 Aspetuck (Gonzaga wins on kicks)
  Freshmen Raleigh Redhawks 26-17 Aspetuck
  Varsity Raleigh Redhawks 10-26 Greenwich
  Freshmen Gonzaga Black 0-38 Clayton
  JV FINAL Clayton 34-5 Richmond
  JV 5th-6th Gonzaga Purple 5-24 Raleigh Redhawks
  JV 3rd-4th Aspetuck 33-5 Legion 
  JV 7th-8th Western Loudoun 12-5 Gonzaga Black
  Varsity 5th-6th Clayton 24-17 Good Counsel
  Varsity 11th-12th Gonzaga Black 15-5 Western Loudoun
  Varsity 9th-10th West Shore 36-7 Vienna
  Freshmen Gonzaga Purple 42-7 Aspetuck
  Freshmen Raleigh Redhawks W-L Clayton
  Varsity FINAL Gonzaga Purple 31-8 Greenwich
  Varsity 3rd-4th Aspetuck 26-35 Raleigh Redhawks
  Varsity 7th-8th West End W-L Legion