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Gonzaga Hosts Jesuit Rugby Classic

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Gonzaga Hosts Jesuit Rugby Classic

The Jesuit Classic always finds some interesting matchups.

Gonzaga HS will host the Jesuit Rugby Classic this weekend at Morven Park in Leesburg, Va.

The tournament includes seven teams that are ranked by Goff Rugby Report, including, of course, single-school #1 Gonzaga. Fort Hunt, the current HS club #10, Charlotte Catholic (SS #15), and West End (club #16) also will participate.

But the competition doesn’t stop there. West Shore may be ranked #50 among HS clubs, but is considered a tough, athletic team that could unseat teams ranked ahead. Greenwich took a rankings hit after losing to a non-ranked Fairfield Pegasi team, and at #28 single-school might well be under-ranked. They get to prove it this weekend. North Carolina league-leader Myers Park (SS #49) is also there.

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In addition, Gonzaga will run their 2nd tea Gonzaga Black, and four teams who could well be ranked at some point - Archmere, St. Xavier (Ohio), Delabrton, and Good Counsel - will compete. Eight JV and six freshmen teams will also play.

For Archmere, this is another step for the Delaware team’s foray into serious-level 15s. The Auks played mostly 7s last year, and played it very well. Now, said Coach Drew Cocco, they are looking for tougher 15s competition, which is why they have entered Rugby Pennsylvania.

“We have to elevate our game every week,” said Cocco. “It’s been an eye-opener for us, but the guys are win good spirits and we’re looking forward to competing in the JRC against top competition, and seeing what that’s like for us.”