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Gonzaga Comes Back To Beat Georgetown Prep

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Gonzaga Comes Back To Beat Georgetown Prep

Gonzaga think they've scores. Referee Gray Montrose is going to check. Gonzaga is right.

Almost a month after Georgetown Prep and Gonzaga battled to a 26-26 tie, the two teams almost ended this week's game deadlocked once more.

In the end, Gonzaga capitalized over Georgetown Prep's penalty problems and inability to secure their own lineout to win in dramatic fashion 18-13.

It took 15 minutes for any points to be scored at all, it wasn't until a Georgetown penalty about 36 meters out was kicked through the posts by Gonzaga scrumhalf Jack Ries that anyone had the lead. It was a tough kick for Ries but in the end his best effort, as he was unable to convert Gonzaga's three tries on the day.

After that PK Georgetown had the run of play. An excellent run from Sam Trybus wet up Patrick McHale for a weaving run to paydirt on the wing. That made it 5-3 Georgetown, and moments later Prep was back in Gonzaga territory. A snappy little grubber to the corner from flyhalf Tommy McHale resulted in wing Myles Kelly, a defender, and the assistant referee all in a pile. After a long talk between referee Gray Montrose and AR, the try was given, and it was 10-3 Georgetown at halftime.

Quickly Georgetown made it 13-3 with a nicely-taken penalty goal by McHale at flyhalf after Gonzaga tackled high. Gonzaga was under pressure now and started to make little errors of impatience. Still, Georgetown kept giving up penalties, which allowed Gonzaga to essentially own territory and possession in the second half.

After a long period on the front foot Gonzaga attacked down the right wing. They were shoved into touch, but Georgtetown's other bêtte noire, lineout trouble, reared its head. Their lineout didn't find its mark and at the back was Gonzaga hooker Adam Bilbo. He caught the throw and was in untouched. Conversion missed by not it was 13-8 G-town.

It looked for all money to be 13-13 soon thereafter but a superb try-saving tackle by Matt Prame of Georgetown halted that attack. Nonetheless Gonzaga was still in Georgetown territory and after a couple more Prep penalties, Ries tapped and fed lock Jackson Tanklersley, who bulled over. Now it was, indeed, 13-13.

It stayed that way until the closing minutes. Gonzaga kept the attack on but couldn't quite break through. Finally, another lineout miscue allowed Bilbo to charge ahead. More pressure, and a penalty, and soon Gonzaga was on the Georgetown line. After bashing against the Prep defense for a few phases, sub forward John John Degnan picked up and was over.

Once again there was a long and careful discussion between the AR and referee Montrose. Try given, and it was 18-13.

Georgetown had one more chance. Their restart didn't go 10 meters but Gonzaga, amazingly, played the ball, knocking it on. Georgetown got the ball and was playing on advantage from the knock-on. When a Georgetown player was isolated and held onto the ball in the tackle, the ref went back to the knock-on, and the game was over.

It was a dramatic and intense game, but not always the most polished affair. Georgetown Prep showed that it has the ability to stand with Gonzaga and could even beat them. But to do that they would have to execute on their lineouts and avoid those penalties.

Gonzaga really owned the second half, but would have liked to have scored more than two tries during that time. As it was, two tries was enough.

Watch the whole game here>>