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Gold Coast All-Conference

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Gold Coast All-Conference

CSULB scrumhalf Roland Blackiston makes the list.

The Gold Coast Rugby Conference has named its all-conference team for the Men's DI division.

Conference champion Grand Canyon puts seven players on the 1st team, 


Gold Cast 1st Team All Conference 

1.     Lincoln Sii (Grand Canyon)

2.     Omar Rodrigues (Claremont)

3.     Joseph Kooiman (Grand Canyon)

4.     Avery Longerie (Grand Canyon)

5.     Eric Straka (USD)

6.     Brian Rauzi (Claremont)

7.     Connor Ficshman (Grand Canyon)

8.     Nick Urban (Claremont)

9.     Roland Blackiston (Long Beach)

10. Steven Bodley (Long Beach)

11. Dru Pelter (Grand Canyon)

12. Anthony Simeone (Long Beach)

13. Maceo Brown (Grand Canyon)

14. Daniel Ponti (Long Beach)

15. Brent Williams (Grand Canyon


2nd Team All Conference

1.     Frankie Reyes (Claremont)

2.     Luis Fernandez (Long Beach)

3.     Sam Palzer (Long Beach)

4.     Sean Pyne (Claremont)

5.     Clay Congdon (Long Beach)

6.     Cameron Guirguis (USD)

7.     Jarrell Aberella (Long Beach

8.     Dewayne Robinson (Long Beach)

9.     Bobby Chui (Claremont)

10. Brendan McDonald (Claremont)

11. Brian Murphy (USD)

12. Darian Pickett (Grand Canyon)

13. Luke Schwartz (Claremont)

14. Gator Adams (Claremont)

15. Devon Stone (Long Beach)


Honorable Mentions

Nate Fletcher (Azusa Pacific University)

Zach Fenter (Fullerton)

Jake Welker (Fullerton)

Clayton To (Claremont)

Spencer Swensrud (Claremont)

Michael McGlone (Long Beach)

James Anthony (Long  Beach)

Nathan Tucker (Long Beach)

Luke Heynen (Long Beach)

Matt Barber (Grand Canyon )

Brendon Curle (Grand Canton )

Nick Heinrich (Grand Canyon)

Alexander Rollins (USD)

Matt Carter (USD)

Adam Swete (USD)

Anthony Pallone (USD)