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Goff Rugby Report Unveils Recruiting Data Base

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Goff Rugby Report Unveils Recruiting Data Base

Dan Bandoni photo.

Goff Rugby Report is unveiling a data base of rugby players who are looking to get recruited by college teams or major academies.

It's free to use, and all you have to do is fill out the form. The data base is for high school players looking to be recruited, or college players hoping to transfer to another college. It will only be seen by vetted coaches and program directors of established programs.

This is for both boys and girls. 

Want to be seen? Are you a college student looking to transfer? Are you a talented high school student who wants a chance to play for a major academy or select side? Are you a high school freshman who wants to get on the radar of a college program? Put in your information.

We will only share this information with vetted coaches and program directors.

Fill out the form below, or click here to fill it out>> It's free.