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Girls HS Nationals Kicks Off Friday

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Girls HS Nationals Kicks Off Friday

Action from the 2023 GHSNC School final. Alex Goff photo.

The Girls HS National Championships kicks off at the Wisconsin Rugby Sports Complex in Cottage Grover, Wisc. with the first HS Club games.

The Club championship finishes off on Saturday, with the School teams kicking off that same day. The schools wrap up on Sunday.

This is the first time in several years that both the HS Club and the Single-School championships have been held at the same time and at the same venue.

HS Club

These will be shortened games and that's important to remember. Points are at a premium here, and teams that can kick for goal will have an advantage—conversions will be massive in games that could end 7-5. Having the confidence and ability to go for posts on a penalty can give a team an early lead and, if they follow that up with a try, they would have a two-score lead.

All of these teams are very strong. Belmont Shore is the SoCal champion team but a lot of what many of these teams play is still 7s or, sometimes, 10s. That can certainly affect tactics. Majestics are the Utah champs, and SacPal are the NorCal champs. Morris remains a tough team while United is the Utah state runner-up.

Aspetuck has had an outstanding season so far and may, potentially, be the best club team in the nation.


The final placement games for the club teams will be Saturday (schedule below). It's all pretty straightforward: win your pool and you're in the final. 



Divine Savior Holy Angels remains a favorite here but it will be interesting to see who tests them. Eagle, the #2 seed, is certainly one of those teams. This is a straight bracket with the two games everyone plays on Saturday being the quarterfinals and either the cup semis or the 5th-place semifinals. These are all shortened games, and then on Sunday the Single-School teams play their longer placement games.

The top teams in this bracket, DSHA, Eagle, and Columbia Central, could hardly be any more different. That's the beauty of the sport.