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GHSAA 1st Side Impressive Over Quebec U18s

HS Girls

GHSAA 1st Side Impressive Over Quebec U18s

The Girls HS All Americans (powered by Atavus) U18 team thumped the Quebec U18 girls 46-5 Friday at the campus of Mount Saint Mary’s College in the first of a two-game series between the two teams.

Following up on the GHSAA U16s’ shut out of their Quebecois counterparts, the older girls were only slightly less dominant.

Fullback Delia Hellander (Morris/NJ Blaze, NJ) raced in for the opener, and soon thereafter inside center Emily Henrich (Orchard Park, NY) shrugged off a couple of tacklers to make it 12-0.

With the forwards working well in tight the backs had the opportunity to run onto the ball. Hellander did just that and broke through before linking with No. 8 Erin Wright (Catholic Memorial, Wisc.), who set up prop Emma Conrad (Fodn du Lac, Wisc.) for the third try of the day.

With the backs having set up a try for the forwards, the forwards then set up the next one by winning a turnover in the breakdown and setting up wing Allie Ramage (Morris/NJ Blaze, NJ) to make it 24-0. Flanker Liz Wilson (West End, Va.) scored on a superb individual effort, and then Henrich notched her second of the day to make it 36-0 at the break.

It was now a learning opportunity for the USA players to see if they could keep their boot on the Quebec neck. They didn’t quite, allowing a late try and scoring just the two - flyhalf Darina Roe (State College,Pa.) scored one, and then Henrich notched her third.

It was an impressive showing for the HS All Americans, and they will get to do it again in two days.


Girls High School All-Americans powered by ATAVUS | v. Rugby Quebec U18
1. Emma Conrad
2. Jordan Cowan
3. Annie Rolf
4. Hannah Garcia
5. Brianna Whitfield
6. Natalie Gray
7. Elizabeth Wilson
8. Erin Wright
9. Jessica Nagie
10. Darina Roe
11. Alyssa Henneberg
12. Emily Henrich
13. Grace Kiraly
14. Allie Ramage
15. Deila Hellander

Girls High School All-Americans powered by ATAVUS | Reserves
16. Hannah Moran
17. Lelyss Eligio
18. Naomi Colin
19. Lynnzee Jordan
20. Jodi Losch
21. Hannah Savin
22. Olivia Duba
23. Paige Krahling