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Get to Know the Scholz Finalists: Lucas Lacamp

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Get to Know the Scholz Finalists: Lucas Lacamp

Lucas Lacamp finds some space. David Barpal photo.

Lucas LaCamp has already made such an impact as a collegiate player with UCLA that he has been capped by the USA 7s team.

And there he has shown his speed and elusiveness, the speed and elusiveness that has sparked UCLA to some strong performances despite a couple of coaching changes which can shake any team's stability. LaCamp's ability to turn any possession into five or seven is why he's a Rudy Scholz finalist.

"I think being selected as a finalist is really a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the UCLA rugby team," Lacamp told Goff Rugby Report. "We've had 3 coaches in the 3 years that I've been here which is never easy, but I think being nominated this year really shows that the program and all the boys are heading in a really good direction."

Despite the fact that there are big things in his personal future, Lacamp is looking at what is going on with his college team.

"The future is really bright for this program; I can't express how hard-working and driven the boys have been this year and I feel lucky to have been able to play with them," said added. "Playing high-level college rugby with these guys for the past three years has been incredible and has really helped me on the pitch but also importantly off the pitch."

Lacamp played his youth rugby in Hong Kong and later in England before suiting up for the HS All Americans.

An American citizen, Lacamp is a 7s Eagle now.

"I started playing rugby when I was eight, under my dad's coaching, in Hong Kong and then left for England at 13 where I started playing more seriously," said explained. "I'm really lucky that both my mum and dad are so incredibly supportive of me and I think that really has got me to where I am now. Obviously it goes without saying that all the coaches and teammates I've had over these 12 years have been invaluable to me and most definitely helped me to where I am now but at the bottom of all that are my parents. I feel very very lucky to have such supportive parents—and sister!”

And that set him up to succeed at UCLA, where the political science and French major has one more year.

"These boys have been my best mates at college and will be for a long time. I think this again shows how tightly knit we are as a program, which allows us to build off and play off each other so well on the pitch."