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FSU Wins DIAA Spring Semi

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FSU Wins DIAA Spring Semi

Florida State is in to the national Spring DIAA final after an overwhelming 38-0 defeat of Missouri in the eastern bracket semi Sunday in Spartanburg, SC.

FSU held off a tenacious North Texas team on Saturday, 30-28, and then slammed Missouri on Sunday.

"North Texas had a lot more speed on the outside than we expected, and it took us a while to figure out how to stop them," said FSU Head Coach Michael Gomez. "Saturday was a bit of a scare for us, but the thing about the team is they have such a great level of composure. With other team's we've played when there's a penalty or they give up a try, they turn on each other. Our guys don't. They keep that 0-0 mindset and just keep playing with composure."

So that's what happened on Sunday. Florida State's team defense was excellent. The forward pack of prop Robert Schrage, flanker Jordan Lupton, flanker Aaron Mazcyck, and flanker Kody Boswell, to name just four, were terrors on the defensive side of the ball.

"When they had a ballcarrier in front of them, he went down," said Gomez.

In the backs, Anthony Soto, Arturo San Segundo, and Frazer Baron made Missouri pay for any defensive mistakes.

Wing Cameron Chadsey opened the scoring for the Seminoles, and Alex Ruiz added two for a 17-0 lead. Boswell, David Alicea, and Peter Kim finished it off. Baron converted four.

So next up is the spring final against the west bracket winner at Stanford University. It won't be easy. As a club team FSU rugby as little funding and that's all gone. But, said Gomez, the team alumni and parents have been hugely supportive.

"We are already getting notes from alumni asking for our GoFundMe details," said Gomez. "And the parents have been incredible. Almost all of them come from parts of Florida south of Tallahassee - because there is no part of Florida north of Tallahassee - so they traveled farther than we did to get here and support us."

The other thing supporting them was their league. The SIRC South has produced champions before - Central Florida twice - but the league has also had its hiccups. Florida State won a game by a point, and lost another by two points. Every game, said Gomez, was tough. 

"Every team in our league could compete at this level," he said. "They are all good."