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Florida HS League Underway And Tight At The Top

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Florida HS League Underway And Tight At The Top

Boca Juniors celebrate their win over Jacksonville.

Florida's High School season is underway and with everyone making the playoffs this is a chance for every team to work out the kinks and figure out where they are.

No one's perfect, but that means this is a competitive league.

Florida HS rugby has had its difficulties, especially with the fact that the league is made up mostly of HS clubs, not varsity teams. Recruitment for club teams is a big job in the pre-season, but not knowing when the season would start made that difficult.

Some teams merged or dropped out, but overall the league has started well enough. Jacksonville, Boca, Key Biscayne, Okapi, and Naples have all started well.

Saturday, Boca rebounded from a loss to Key Biscayne to beat a previously 2-0 Jacksonville 27-7. A relatively young Jacksonville team struggled to execute its game plan.

"It was a dog fight the whole way," said Jacksonville Head Coach Aaron Church.. "But I believe wholeheartedly that this match humbled my young players and woke the up."

Church said Boca was well coached and shocked his team, but the Wolverines still have some young talent; speedy, explosive, and talented center Ellis Davis has been scoring every game, and wing Aaron Faison has been a breakout find and has five tries in three games.

Boca has some very good goalkicking and did well to control possession. But it doesn't look like any team is especially dominant ... yet. Key Biscayne, however, is now 3-0 after 

Florida HS League Scores So Far
1/30 Wellington Ppd Sarasota Florida
1/30 Okapi 10-26 Jacksonville Florida
1/30 Naples 26-0 Cape Florida
2/6 Cape 0-25 Okapi Florida
2/6 Jacksonville 29-17 Tampa Florida
2/6 Sarasota 19-22 Naples Florida
2/6 Boca 19-48 Key Biscayne Florida
2/13 Wellington 5-31 Boca Florida
2/13 Key Biscayne 10-0 Cape Florida
2/13 Sarasota 15-19 Tampa Florida
2/20 Boca 27-7 Jacksonville Florida
2/20 Naples Ppd Cardinal Gibbons Florida
2/20 Okapi 29-24 Wellington Florida

Key Biscayne has won twice,including an impressive 48-19 win over Boca earlier this month. Boca and Jacksonville are both 2-1, as is Okapi, 29-24 winners over Wellington.