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Fallbrook vs Belmont Shore Lives Up to Billing

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Fallbrook vs Belmont Shore Lives Up to Billing

Fallbrook, in white, challenges Belmont Shore for a loose ball.

With week three coming to an end for the Southern California Youth Rugby's U18 Girls 10s competition, the battle between the unbeaten 6-0 Fallbrook and 5-0 Belmont Shores was what everyone wanted to see.

The game didn’t disappoint with both teams demonstrating speed, hard hitting, and surgical passing. Fallbrook came off the pitch victorious 37-7. 

“This was the toughest competition thus far in 10s season," said Fallbrook center Liberty Benitez. "I’ve been competing against Belmont since 7th Grade and Belmont’s typical smash style of rugby in the past was replaced by quick passing and speed which made this game more challenging for our defense.”

This was the first time since June 2021 that the Fallbrook squad has been scored upon. Belmont’s Sariah Ibarra found a running lane in the Fallbrook defense and sliced through to paydirt at the end of the second half.

For Fallbrook, senior flyhalf Jordan Duncan scored two Tries and added a conversion to lead her side. Lucy Powel, Sydney Miller, and Tiahana Padilla all had a trys. Benitez added three conversions. 

It was obvious the Fallbrook squad was disappointed with giving up their first try in almost a year, however Assistant Coach Richelle Stephens said it was about time.

"I was relieved that we finally gave up a score," said the 2021 Sorensen Award winner. "The undue pressure of trying to protect the donut was an additional stressor, and as we prepare to face fierce competition at Tropical 7s, it allows the team to focus on mistake free team play, without the nuisance of protecting the zero."