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Experts Lead PR 7s Series After Round 1

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Experts Lead PR 7s Series After Round 1

Action from the July 9 2022 Premier 7s in San Jose. David Barpal photo.

The Experts men's team and Loggerheads women's team won the first tournament of the three-event Premier 7s season Saturday.

Playing at PayPal Park in San Jose, Calif, the Experts won the tournament despite being without captain Logan Tago in the final, he was injured. Still the Experts beat the Headliners 19-7 in the final, led by a huge game from prop Aaron Cummings.

It wasn't smooth sailing for the eventual winners. They lost their initial pool game 19-14 to the Loonies, before beating the Headliners 34-21 in the second game. The Loonies ended up dropping a 28-10 decision to the Loggerheads, who had already been beaten by the Headliners.

So every team in the men's bracket ended up 1-1.

It came down to points difference, then, with the Headliners at +11, Experts at +8, Loggerheads at -6, and Loonies at -13. That last game hurt the Loonies as a win, tie, or a loss by three or less could have seen them in the final. They took revenge over the Loggerheads in the 3rd-4th match.

Final Men's Finish:
1. Experts
2. Headliners
3. Loonies
4. Loggerheads

As for the women, Sophie Pyrz and Pleuni Kievit combined nicely to defeat the Experts in the final for the Loggerheads. It had been all Loggerheads all the time on Saturday, as they won their opener 17-0 over the Headliners, and then followed that up with a 21-12 dismissal of the Loonies.

The Experts, meanwhile, beat the Loonies 17-10 but lost to the Headliners 33-26. Points difference separated those two for a place in the final, and with the Experts at a PD of zero, and Headliners at -10, the Experts were in. The Loggerheads took the final 31-15, with the Headliners edging the Loonies 20-19.

The standings for the PR 7s are combined, men and women, so each franchise needs to have both teams perform well.

The Experts men took home 10 points for their win, and their women's team took six points for finishing second. That puts the Experts on top with tournaments in Washington, DC next weekend and Austin, Texas two weeks after that left on the calendar.

Overall Standings After Round 1
1. Experts, 16 points
2. Loggerheads, 11 points
3. Headliners, 9 points
4. Loonies, 4 points