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Expect Big Things From Claremont Colleges

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Expect Big Things From Claremont Colleges

Brian Jackson photo.

Claremont Colleges won the NSCRO national championship twice in the last three seasons, and finished 2nd the other year—to AD-supported Iowa Central CC—but there's more to come.

Certainly favored to win it all again this year before the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down, Claremont Colleges is nicely set to show well next year, too.

Goff Rugby Report Editor Alex Goff sat down with Claremont Colleges coaching staff Jeremy Ognall, Scott Bracken, and Ray Egan to talk about how a small consortium of colleges, which in combination still is small enough to be a National Small College Rugby Organization team, can challenge even top D1 teams. The key, said the coaches, is the partnership in the coaching staff, the hard work of the players, and a combination of support from the school and the alumni.

The alumni help fund the team and stipends for the coaches, and there is going to be more and bigger things to come.

See the entire interview below (if you don't see the embedded video, please refresh the page).