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EIRA U16s Set for BC

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EIRA U16s Set for BC

The Eagle Impact Rugby Academy U16 team has been named to play the British Columbia provincial U16s the evening of July 15.

Under Head Coach Brendan Keane, with assistants Scott Bracken and John Banarhall, the EIRA team has been training at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver for the last few days.

Tonight is the first of two games between the teams, with the rematch being Saturday afternoon. Both games are at the Capilano Rugby Club.


This is the lineup:

1. Doug Mitchell, Granite Bay, Calif.

2. Nicholas Zimmer, SD Mustangs, Calif.

3. David Ainuu, Prairie, Wash.

4. Alexander Rayton, Woodlands, Texas

5. Joshua Schnell, Katy, Texas

6. Bailey Wilson, United, Utah

7. Jake Ericksen, Mother Lode, Calif.

8. Chase Schor Haskin, Weston, Fla.

9. Conor McManus, Fort Hunt, Va.

10. Sean Nolan, Back Bay, Calif.

11. Christian Newby, Triad, NC

12. Jack Wendling, Chuckanut, Wash.

13. Quinn Perry, Santa Monica, Calif.

14. Ben Broselle, Chuckanut, Wash.

15. Drake Goranson, Penn, Ind.


16. Austin Strehlow, Danville, Calif.

17. Jack Manzo, Xavier, NY

18. Xavier Doering, St. Thomas Aquinas, Kan.

19. Steven Rohde,  St. Thomas Aquinas, Kan.

20. Ryan Jurczak,  St. Thomas Aquinas, Kan.

21. Noah Wright, Liberty, Wash.

22. Justin Peterson, Coast Dragons, Calif.

23. Sean Lumkong, Coastal Dragons, Calif.

24. Gabriel Mahuinga, Herriman, Utah

25. Patrick McTiernan, Greenwich, Conn.