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EIRA U16s Named To Face Munster

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EIRA U16s Named To Face Munster

The Eagle Impact Rugby Academy U16 eam on tour in Ireland has named its lineup to face the Munster U16s

EIRA is touring with multiple age levels, following on after a mostly different group toured British Columbia. The BC tour ended with the teams going .500; the U15s and U16s both split two games with their BC counterparts, the U17s swept both games, and the U18s were beaten twice by British Columbia U18s.

See one of the games here: https://youtu.be/qvt0W45LOAE 

Now, as another group of 75 players is in Ontario —EIRA U16s won their opener 34-7—EIRA's Ireland tour games begin.

EIRA U16s to face Munster U16s

1- Charlie Marshall
2- Lucas Ring
3- Trevion Reed
4- Charley Hastriter
5- Michael Swanton
6- Brock Kluempers
7- Lochie Triester (C)
8- Danny Bray
9- Deke Behnam
10- Tommy Hannon 
11- Dougie Brown
12- Ronan Krieger (VC)
13- JT Dyer
14- Christopher Biagi
15- Vai Kruse

Brad Kissinger
Matthew Weiner
Luke Schaefer
Landon Neel
Nolan McCaffrey
Matteo Berenger
Baptiste Schavsinski
Scott Lobb
Ian Hayes
Matteo Berenger
Hunter White