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Eagles Should Be Busy Hosts In 2018

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Eagles Should Be Busy Hosts In 2018

Mike Te'o in action against Italy in 2016. Colleen McCloskey photo.

USA Rugby is reportedly going to host six men's national team games, and possibly more, in 2018.

The Americas Rugby Championship is expected to be back in February, 2018, and the Eagles, the defending champions, will have three home games.

Those games will be against Argentina XV, Chile, and Canada. The Argentina game will not be a full test match and no caps will be awarded. This was how the 2016 ARC operated, and the USA went 2-0-1 at home before losing twice on the road to Brazil and Uruguay. In 2017, the Eagles beat both Uruguay and Brazil at home and Canada and Chile on the road, before tying Argentina and winning the ARC based on having more bonus points than the Argentina team.

The Eagles will play Germany and Georgia this fall in Europe, and it's reasonable to expect one or both of these teams to come to the USA in the summer of 2018 (our money is on Germany because World Rugby is looking to reward Germany for some solid results with more varied games). In addition, the Eagles normally host a Tier 1 team in the summer. Italy (2012, 2016), Ireland (2013, 2017), New Zealand (2014 in the fall), and Scotland (2014) have all visited the United States. If you look at the pattern (taking out the All Blacks), it's clear that it's Scotland's turn.

Also, don't be surprised if the Eagles play Canada in the summer, possibly twice. This is a series that remains popular with fans and players, and is an easy and logical matchup for both nations. Sure they play in the ARC, but the summer matches would include overseas pros.

And speaking of New Zealand, will the New Zealand Maori come back to play, as they did in 2013 and 2016? It's quite possible, but that game will, like the Argentina game, will be a non-cap game.