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Eagle Women Shine Brightly in Quest for Gold

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Eagle Women Shine Brightly in Quest for Gold

Kristi Kirshe charges ahead. Travis Prior photo.

A primed and confident USA women's team swept through the competition at the Quest for Gold to take the cup.

The Eagles beat Great Britain three times and Jamaica once (they ended up not playing Mexico), and then finished off with a 12-12 tie with Great Britain in the final.

The USA team played solid defense, holding their opposition to eight tries, and showed some serious ability to create team tries. Naya Tapper logged three tries in a 24-14 defeat of Great Britain early on Saturday, Cheta Emba and Ilona Maher started to take control of the physical contest, and the team's restarts were very strong.

Kristi Kirshe remains an attacking threat, and other players started to play strong team rugby.

As a result, the USA team looked cohesive, resilient, and, potentially, medal materials.

Defense, said Maher, and running support lines was what it was all about, and it showed.