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Eagle Pool for Women's World Cup

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Eagle Pool for Women's World Cup

USA Women's National 15s Head Coach Pete Steinberg has named his player pool for the 2017 Women's Rugby World Cup.

Steinberg beings back some experienced heads into the squad, notable Phaidra Knight, who made her Eaqle debut in 2000, and Kristin Zdanczewicz, who has played in multiple World Cups. In addition, Steinberg has named a large chunk of the women's 7s program - not a surprise given that Steinberg said in 2016 that many of those players would be in serious consideration for the Eagle 15s backline.

Also of note, the 2015-16 Sorensen Award Winner as the top college player, Hope Rogers, is in the list, as is former USA 7s captain Kelly Griffin.

Steinberg will be able to work with this team for two spring test matches, but, he added, the squad is always swimming against the tide when it comes to international experience.

"As a program over the past five or six years, we've really tried to push international competitions because we don't play enough," Steinberg told USARugby.org. "We don't have an international calendar that gives us five or six games a year, so we basically blooded a bunch of new caps in 2015 - players that now have seven or eight or nine test matches under their belts."

Of the pool of 44, 32 played college rugby in the USA. Only 11, as far as we can tell, played high school rugby. That is a small number (only 25%), but still represents an improvement over previous years.


2017 USA Player Pool for the Women's Rugby World Cup.
NAME Current Team College Team HS Team
Baylee Annis Seattle Saracens Norwich Burlington (Vt.)
Kathryn Augustyn Berkeley All Blues Northeastern  
Catherine Benson Life West Penn State  
Sylvia Braaten Twin Cities Amazons Marquette  
Stacey Bridges Twin Cities Amazons Texas A&M  
Nicole Burr Augusta Women    
Kayla Canett Penn State Penn State Fallbrook (Calif.)
Ryan Carlyle USA Women 7s Team South Carolina  
Sarah Chobot Glendale Raptors Central Michigan  
Kate Daley New York Rugby Club Penn State Penn HS (Ind.)
Cheta Emba USA Women 7s Team Harvard  
Joanne Fa'avesi USA Women 7s Team   Sacramento Amazons (Calif.)
Tiffany Faaee New York Rugby Club    
Tess Feury Penn State Penn State Morris (NJ)
Megan Foster Life West Chico State  
Jordan Gray Life West BYU Centennial (ALb.)
Hunter Griendling San Diego Surgers    
Kelly Griffin SB ODA (Coach) UCLA  
Abby Gustaitis NOVA Maryland  
Nicole Heavirland USA Women 7s Team West Point Black & Blue (Mont.)
Alev Kelter USA Women 7s Team    
Molly Kinsella San Diego Surfers Stanford  
Joanna Kitlinski Glendale Raptors Grand Valley State  
Phaidra Knight New York Rugby Club    
Bulou Mataitoga USA Women 7s Team AIC  
Samantha Pankey San Diego Surfers    
Sara Parsons NOVA Nevada Reno  
Annakaren Pedraza Lindenwood Lindenwood Fullerton (Calif.)
Ashley Perry ARPTC    
Christiane Pheil Chicago North Shore Penn State/Colorado  
Naima Reddick Seattle Saracens Chico State Piedmont (Calif.)
Jamila Reinhardt San Diego Surfers Cal Maritime  
Hope Rogers San Diego Surfers Penn State Chambersburg (Pa.)
Kimber Rozier Scion Sirens North Carolina  
Nicole Snyder Bloomsburg University Bloomsburg University  
Kristine Sommer Seattle Saracens UC Santa Barbara  
Kelsi Stockert USA Women 7s Team   Budd Bay (Wash.)
Nicole Strasko USA Women 7s Team Life University  
Naya Tapper USA Women 7s Team North Carolina  
Kristen Thomas USA Women 7s Team    
Alycia Washington New York Rugby CLub    
Jess Wooden Aylesford Rugby Club Florida  
Kate Zackary San Diego Surfers    
Kristin Zdanczewicz Minnesota Valkryies UW-Whitewater  
USA WRWC 2017 Coaching Staff      
Pete Steinberg - Head Coach      
Roshna Wunderlich - Manager      
Richard Ashfield - Assistant Coach      
Peter Baggetta - Associate Head Coach      
Liz Kirk - Assistant Coach      
Richie Walker - Assistant Coach