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Dozens Of Teams At Maryland Festival Of Youth

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Dozens Of Teams At Maryland Festival Of Youth

KLG Photos

The Maryland International Youth Festival was held this past weekend, with .over 30 teams in a variety of brackets both girls and boys.

Here are most of the scores. Thanks to KLG Photos for the pictures:


Boys Varsity
Vienna 21-17 Frederick
Great Falls 0-46 Richmond
Great Falls 0-21 Vienna
Richmond 22-5 Frederick
Fort Hunt 95-5 Chambersburg
Howard 5-45 North Bay
Mt. St. Joe's 5-45 Fort Hunt
Howard 37-5 Chambersburg
Mt. St. Joe's 10-40 North Bay
Howard 0-20 Fort Hunt
Frederick 37-5 Great Falls
Downingtown 22-25 Legion
West Shore 12-17 Maryland Exiles
Downingtown 33-12 West Shore

Boys JV
North Bay 24-43 West End
Legion 20-10 Mt. St. Joe's
North Bay 12-73 Legion
Maryland Exiles 10-24 West End
Mt. St. Joe's 5-43 Fort Hunt
North Bay 5-41 Fort Hunt
Mt. St. Joe's 5-15 West End

Girls Varsity
West End 5-27 PA United
North Bay 29-5 Morris
PA United 27-21 St. Joseph's
West End 5-24 Morris
North Bay 47-0 St. Joseph's
St Joseph's 14-29 West End
Downingtown L-W Maryland Exiles
Downingtown 0-45 St. Joseph's
North Bay 14-59 Maryland Exiles
Downingtown 14-35 Doylestown
St. Joseph's 20-24 North Bay
Legion v State College
Loudon 5-27 West Carroll
West Carroll 25-31 Legion
State College 5-22 Loudon
Morris 15-5 Downingtown
St. Joseph's 0-34 Maryland Exiles
West Carroll 37-5 State College