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Down to 2 in Va

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Down to 2 in Va

Fort Hunt shut out Newport News. David Hughes photo.

Forth Hunt and Prince William will meet for the Virginia state championship after both clubs won their semifinals Saturday.

For Fort Hunt, it was just another hugely impressive performance, as they slammed Newport News 59-0.

Led by the No. 8-scrumhalf partnership of Chadi Abdalla and Conor McManus, Fort Hunt had the run of play all day. The team used more of a kicking game in this game, opening up their toolbox a little as the season progresses.

“We have definitely been kicking a lot more,” said Coach Dale Roach. “Early on we wanted to work on our skills with ball in hand, but the kids are improving every week.”

Meanwhile, Prince William handled the Hampton Heat 33-7. Coach Jon Jacobs said the key to his team’s improvement over the season has been on-field leadership.

“We’re trying to take kids who have spent a lot of time being told what to do, and instead asking them to show leadership and make decisions,” said Jacobs. “Our players are starting to have a vision of what we need on the field, and I think that goes for the teams in our conference - we’re working on not how, but why we do things.”

Among the leaders for Prince William was flyhalf Caleb Strum, who has been with the program for seven seasons and, said Jacobs, “provided the spark and showed great leadership.”

So these two impressive teams will face off next week for the state championship. Prince William continues to improve, but Fort Hunt has been virtually unstoppable all season.


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