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Don't Wait Until Day Of Event For LA 7s Tickets

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Don't Wait Until Day Of Event For LA 7s Tickets

Dignity Health Sports Park. Alex Goff photo.

Waiting until the last minute to buy your LA 7s tickets might be a mistake warns Tournament Director Dan Lyle.

Speaking during an interview this week at The Dig (Dignity Health Sports Park), Lyle acknowledged that the stadium is smaller than Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, and fans have to be prepared for that.

With the LA 7s lasting two days, not three, and with the capacity about two-thirds that of Sam Boyd, general admission tickets will be harder to get for people who plan to walk up and purchase on the day of the tournament.

"When the tournament was here before and in San Diego, the historic buying pattern of this event has been about 25 to 35 percent walkup, and somewhere around 40 percent week-of," said Lyle. "But when you think about the number of people per country that will come to the event, the feeling is there could be some disappointed people if they buy tickets on the day of."

But there's an easy solution. Get the tickets now.

"I think people should look at getting online and getting their tickets early," he said. "Get together, do some group purchasing. You could avoid some disappointment if you do that."

Almost all the club suites are sold out, but there is room in General Admission and other areas of the stands.

Go to https://lasevensrugby.com/ to buy tickets now.