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DIAA Payoff Latest

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DIAA Payoff Latest

Notre Dame College is waiting to find out who the Falcons will play for the DIAA national title this coming May, and there's still a lot of rugby to be played before that becomes clear.

However ... it doesn't hurt to make a few guesses and assumptions. Here's how the playoffs look for DIAA in the spring:

Ivy League. The league season is done, and Dartmouth and Harvard will play Varsity Cup, so it's down to a four-game playoff in late March.

Yale will play Brown on March 25, and Penn will play Princeton on March 31. Then the winners of that game will play April 2 to see who makes the national playoffs.

SIRC. Middle Tennessee State continues to roll in the North, while in the South, it's still all up in the air after South Florida edged Florida State.

Here are the standings:

The top two from each side play off, and right now MTSU looks in the driver's seat. Kennesaw State has been pretty solid, too.

SIRC - DIAA                  
South Ind North W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
Middle Tennessee 7 0 0 321 30 291 7 0 35
Kennesaw State 5 1 0 211 129 82 5 0 25
Memphis 2 4 0 148 127 21 4 2 14
Georgia Tech 1 4 0 39 276 -237 1 0 5
Georgia Southern 0 6 0 12 156 -144 0 -8 -8
South Ind South W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
FIU 6 2 0 270 114 156 5 0 29
Florida State 5 2 0 207 120 87 5 2 27
South Florida 4 4 0 204 201 3 5 1 22
Central Florida 4 3 0 227 142 85 3 1 20
North Florida 0 8 0 108 346 -238 1 0 1


Heart of America. It's pretty much all over as Missouri remains undefeated at 5-0 and should win their final three games to win the conference.

Mountain States. it's not exactly clear how this will shake out as there are games to play still.

NCRC. Western Washington has dominated, and will go through to the DIAA playoffs.

Gold Coast. Grand Canyon kind of took the drama out of this conference early, and leads with a 4-0 record. The 'Lopes will be the Gold Coast playoff team.

Pacific West. UC Davis hasn't really been tested, and Chico State might well be their toughest foe.

So that leaves us with seven teams, so we could see either a wild card out of Pac West, or a bye for the Pac West winner. Either way, the playoffs will run through April, with the spring winner slated to take on Notre Dame College on the first weekend of May.