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DIAA Games This Weekend

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DIAA Games This Weekend

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Three home teams in a row in our list below have the word "George" in their name.

Well, OK, that doesn't mean much. What does mean something is Mount St. Mary's vs Maryland. We outline all of the meaning here:

It's A Wild Road To Top Of The Chesapeake

West Chester vs Temple is a battle for 2nd in the MARC, and an important one.

In the Northwest, there's plenty of rugby to be played, but we'll learn a lot after Oregon State plays Western Washington.


Date Rankings in Parentheses     Conference GRR Picks
10/26/19 Bowling Green (7) vs Louisville (21) MAC BGSU by 18
10/26/19 Miami vs IUPUI (17) MAC IUPUI y 30
10/26/19 Western Michigan (5) vs Cincinnati (28) MAC WMU by 12
10/26/19 Alabama (26) vs Georgia SCRC Alabama 20
10/26/19 South Carolina vs Georgia Tech SCRC Pick 'em
10/26/19 Salisbury (19) vs Georgetown Chesapeake Salisbury by 14
10/26/19 James Madison vs NC State (22) Chesapeake NCSU by 10
10/26/19 Maryland (31) vs Mount St. Mary's (20) Chesapeake MSM by 8
10/26/19 Brown (37) vs Harvard Ivy Brown by 6
10/26/19 Columbia vs Cornell Ivy Columbia by 15
10/26/19 Yale vs Dartmouth (2) Ivy Dartmouth by 25
10/26/19 Princeton vs Penn Ivy Pick 'em
10/26/19 Delaware vs Rowan (24) MARC Rowan by 17
10/26/19 IUP vs Saint Joseph's (1) MARC SJU by 20
10/26/19 West Chester (13) vs Temple (25) MARC West Chester by 4
10/26/19 West Virginia vs Towson MARC Towson by 10
10/26/19 Truman State vs Iowa State (27) Heart of America Iowa State by 20
10/26/19 Kansas (18) vs Missouri (33) Heart of America Kansas by 16
10/26/19 Iowa (23) vs Oklahoma State Heart of America Iowa by 11
10/26/19 Kansas State (38) vs Nebraska Heart of America Kansas State by 5
10/26/19 Oregon State (32) vs Western Washington (9) NCRC WWU by 12
10/26/19 Washington vs Oregon NCRC Oregon by 10
10/26/19 Eastern Washington vs Washington State NCRC EWU by 15