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Dartmouth Wins in Bermuda

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Dartmouth Wins in Bermuda

Dartmouth won the Ariel Re Bermuda 7s Saturday, surprising Kutztown in the semifinals and defeating Stony Brook in the final.

Stony Brook also had a good tournament, losing only to Dartmouth (twice - in pool play and in the final). 

For Dartmouth, the big result was the semifinal 12-10 victory over Kutztown, a result that not everyone would have predicted.


Pool Play Results

Dartmouth 36-5 Norwich

Stony Brook 26-5 Columbia

Kutztown 29-0 Boston Collegiates

Yale 19-7 Dartmouth 2

Bermuda Collegiates 56-0 Yale 2

Notre Dame College 31-0 St. Joseph’s

Dartmouth 34-5 Columbia

Stony Brook 19-0 Norwich

Kiutztown 38-0 Yale

Notre Dame College 48-0 Yale 2

Dartmouth 17-10 Stony Brook

Columbia 29-17 Norwich

Kutztown 33-0 Dartmouth 2

Yale 26-14 Boston Collegiates

Bermuda Collegiates 21-7 Notre Dame College

St. Joseph’s 12-7 Yale 2


Shield Round

Norwich 26-5 St. Joseph’s

Dartmouth 2 34-0 Yale 2

Dartmouth 2 17-10 Norwich 

St. Joseph’s 19-7 Yale 2


Cup Quarterfinals

Bermuda Collegiates 36-0 Columbia

Stony Brook 24-17 Notre Dame College

Kutztown 19-0 Boston Collegiates 

Dartmouth 43-0 Yale


Plate Semis

Notre Dame College 34-5 Columbia

Boston Collegiates 21-12 Yale


Plate Final 

Boston Collegiates  19-17 Notre Dame College


Cup Semis

Dartmouth 12-10 Kutztown

Stony Brook W-L Bermuda Collegiates 



Bermuda Collegiates  15-10 Kutztown


Cup Final

Dartmouth 24-12 Stony Brook