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D1A Releases All-American Selections

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D1A Releases All-American Selections

Joe Marchant for Saint Mary's. David Barpal photo.

Santa Clara, Calif. — The College Rugby Association of America’s (CRAA) has announced its D1A All-American selections for the 2021-2022 Season.

Six of the players named to the D1A All-American Teams are slated to participate in the Major League Rugby Draft set to take place on today on FS2 at 7:00 pm EDT. The list also includes 2022 Rudy Scholz Award-winner Larry Williams, as well as finalists Lucas Lacamp, Joe Marchant, and Sam Golla.

"We are honored to announce the 2021-2022 D1A All-American Teams,” said Paul Keeler, CRAA President. “Providing opportunities that create a world-class student-athlete and fan experience for college rugby is our primary goal.”

First Team D1A All-American

1  Joe Marchant - Saint Mary’s College
2  Jack Manzo - University of California - Berkeley
3  Larry Williams - Army
4  Sam Golla - University of California - Berkeley
5  Chase Jones - Saint  Mary’s College
6  Koikoi Nelligan - Army
7  Kaipono Kayoshi - Saint  Mary’s College
8  Jason Severance - University of California - Berkeley
9  Henry Poon - University of California - Berkeley
10  Evan Williams - Lindenwood University
11 Daelen Denenberg - Santa Clara University
12 Darius Law - Life University
13 Lucas Lacamp - University of California - Los Angeles
14 Tyren Al-Jiboori - Lindenwood University
15 Ed King - Saint  Mary’s College

Second Team D1A All-American

1  Hunter Chuhlansteff - Saint  Mary’s College
2  Gabe Mahuinga - Brigham Young University
3  Billy Tenney - Brigham Young University
4  Charlie Overton - Pennsylvania State University
5  Angelo Aguirre - Saint Mary’s College
6  Jared Tavares - Grand Canyon University
7  Dante Bandoni - Arkansas State University
8  Jack McMahon - Navy
9  Carl Keane - Saint  Mary’s College
10  Inoke Waqavesi - Saint  Mary’s College
11  JT Hackett - Saint  Mary’s College
12  Coby Baker - California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
13  Erich Storti - Saint  Mary’s College
14  Donovan Law - Life University
15  Max Schumacher - University of California - Berkeley

Honorable Mention D1A All-American

1  Leo Bell - Ohio State University
2  Danny Bray - University of California - Santa Barbara
3  Quinton Tindell - California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
4  Rory Corr - University of California - Los Angeles
5  Ronnie McElligot - Saint  Mary’s College
6  Collin Grosse - Army
7  Riley Leduqe - Air Force
8  Lucas Pattinson - Army
9  Noah Wright - Central Washington University
10  Sean Nolan - Davenport
11 Ryan McCauley - Texas A&M
12 Antonie DeLaFontaine - St. Mary’s College
13 Cole Semu - Davenport
14 Mario Storti - St. Mary’s College
15 Alex Domine - California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo

“The quality and quantity of high performance athletes in D1A make these selections more difficult each year,“ added Paul Santinelli, D1A Commissioner. “We are thankful for the collaborative effort by our D1A Conference Commissioners naming their All-Conference Teams and the selection committee naming the D1A All-Americans.”