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D1A Playoff Matchups Confirmed

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D1A Playoff Matchups Confirmed

The 2023 final between Navy and Cal. Photo Olly Laseinde.

The D1A playoff matchups are out.

Interestingly, the rankings provided a perfect East-West split (eight teams in the Top 16 are from the East, and eight from the West). That made creating the bracket a lot easier for everyone. 

While the rankings are important in creating these seedings, they aren’t so important that it matters whether your team is #3 or #4. It matters where you fit among the East or West teams.

So, this is the regional ranking from D1A:

1. Navy
2. Life
3. Lindenwood
4. Arkansas State
5. Davenport
6. Mount St. Mary’s
7. Army
8. Mary Washington

1. Saint Mary’s
2. Central Washington
3. BYU
4. Cal
5. Cal Poly
7. Arizona
8. Grand Canyon

(These seedings certainly differ from GRR’s rankings, which had Life ahead of Navy, but if you look at East-only games Navy has the head-to-head over Life. GRR also had UMW over MSM.)

So the playoff matchups are as follows (games paired together below will have the winners face off a week later in the regional semis).

April 6 Regional Quarterfinals (overall Round of 16):

Mary Washington at Navy
Davenport at Arkansas State

Mount St. Mary’s at Lindenwood
Army at Life

Grand Canyon at Saint Mary’s
Cal Poly at Cal

Arizona at Central Washington

The next round will be April 13, and then April 20. Teams that make the final get a weekend off before facing off May 4 in Houston.