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D1A, D1 Elite Confirms Cancelation Of Season

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D1A, D1 Elite Confirms Cancelation Of Season

College Rugby Association of America.

D1A Rugby has confirmed that it will cancel the 2020 playoffs and national championships, and that the D1 Elite playoffs, which were to be held in conjunction with D1A, are also canceled.

The reasoning for this is fairly straightforward. Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, USA Rugby has suspended all rugby for 30 days. Teams and players and coaches do not even have CIPP liability coverage during that time.

As a result, it's not just that rugby games can't be played, but teams can't practice. Once the 30 days is up on April 12, it's not as if teams can just get back on the field a few days later. Players will be unfit. Many will not even be on campus, and some may not be allowed on campus. Even if teams somehow could field a squad, the resulting product on the field would be poor, and possibly unsafe.

Several college teams have informed D1A that they will not come together again, so even if campuses open and the USA Rugby 30-day ban expires without renewal, those teams have already declared that they are done for the year.

There was no mention of the D1A sevens tournament or the D1 Elite 7s tournament, but they are expected to be included in this cancelation.