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CRAA, Women's D1 Elite Formalize Partnership

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CRAA, Women's D1 Elite Formalize Partnership

Lindenwood vs Penn State—two of the four D1 Elite teams. Colleen McCloskey photo.

In an interesting and inadvertently predicted development, the College Rugby Association of America and D1 Elite women's college rugby have announced a formal partnership.

This was sort-of predicted already. Goff Rugby Report has been reporting for some months now that the two organizations were working together. This had been the case for the spring of 2020, but hadn't been formally confirmed for any time after that. And yet, neither CRAA nor D1 Elite representatives made any statements contradicting GRR's assertion. Clearly they were in talks, and now have finalized those talks.

See Life University Head Coach Rosalind Chou and Penn State University Head Coach Kate Daley talk about the agreement in an interview on FTF>>

The partnership also brings in a partnership with FTF (www.ftfnext.com) to show their games. This seems to be a very logical fit as the four D1 Elite colleges—Life University, Lindenwood, Penn State, and Central Washington—are all currently working with FTF as part of CRAA's D1A.

"We're really excited about working with CRAA because not only are they going to provide us more exposure ... but it just makes it easier for our players to be seen on a national level; we do have a lot of athletes who are aspiring national team athletes," said Penn State Head Coach Kate Daley. She added that this also helps the Women's Premier League recruit from these programs.

"The biggest thing we want is to continue to grow the sport," said Life University Head Coach Rosalind Chou.

"The Collegiate Rugby Association of America is extremely excited to be partnering with the D1 Elite Women's competition to promote the the highest level of College Rugby in the United States," said CRAA VP Teshay Flowers in a statement. "This is a wonderful opportunity to work with partners like FTF to promote the best that our game has to offer."