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Cooperation Between Academies Lauded On EIRA Tour To Ireland

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Cooperation Between Academies Lauded On EIRA Tour To Ireland

Photo Darrell Knowlton.

Eagle Impact Rugby Academy is taking a select team to Ireland to play three matches, and one of the notable things about it is that Atavus is partially involved.

While EIRA and Atavus are still doing their own things in terms of fielding select sides and training players, the two organizations have been cooperating during the just-started EIRA tour of Ireland. Atavus sponsored two players for the trip, and also has sponsored the team's trip to the the Giant's Causeway.

It's something that USA Rugby CEO Dan Payne supports wholeheartedly.

"Collaboration and partnership for the benefit of our student-athletes is the secret sauce," said Payne. "These two organizations have comitted to that notion, and the most important asset in our landscape, our young athletes, are the beneficiaries.  Let it be contagious to all!"

Atavus co-founder Chris Prentice was in British Columbia supporting the EIRA teams there and reiterated what EIRA President Robin Reid said - that both groups will benefit if they see each other as friends.

"Atavus and EIRA share a common objective to create opportunities for young rugby players to develop and compete at a high level," said Prentice. "We had the chance to tour with EIRA last year as part of the U16 British Columbia tour and are looking forward to Ireland. Based on our friendship with Robin and Kirsten Reid, and Salty and Beth Thompson, both Julie and I were happy to help support the tour and several of the participating athletes."

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