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College 7s Update - Qualifiers

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College 7s Update - Qualifiers

Stony Brook beat Fordham in OT to win the Empire Conference 7s Saturday. But Fordham won the series.

The qualifiers for the various end-of-season 7s tournaments are starting to fall into play.

We know the teams going to the CRC (see here), bar one more to be selected. The USA Rugby list is less set as most observers aren't even sure what the qualifiers are.

However, this past weekend, some teams punched their ticket to Glendale:

Ohio State looked very good in defeating Wisconsin to win the Big 10. Michigan beat Michigan State for 3rd. Wisconsin is already going to the CRC. Ohio State will go to the USA Rugby championship.

Stony Brook defeated Fordham in overtime in the final of the Empire Series. Fordham still won the series.

To start the match, Stony Brook exposed a gap to break a 50-meter try to make it 7-0. Fordham responded immediately and tied it at 7-7. Stony Brook's Bryan Michel sped in for a try and the conversion put the Seawolves up 14-7. Despite the long tournament and it being the final game, neither team succumbed to fatigue and kept the pace high.

In response to the high pace rugby in the first half, defense reigned to begin the second. Fordham survived a Stony Brook offensive onslaught with a determined goal-line stand. As a reward for the brick wall defense, Fordham flipped the field with a full length try to tie the game at 14-14. But once again Stony Brook found themselves knocking on the door only five meters from th Fordham goal line. But Fordham showed their composure by forcing a crucial turnover and launching a 70-meter break for a try and a 21-14 lead.

But in the final moments Stony Brook pulled out a sensational clutch try to force the game into overtime 21-21.

Fordham jumped out of the gates in OT and were in the Stony Brook 22. But the Seawolves held, got the ball back, and strung together phase after phase as they methodically marched down the pitch. As both teams exhausted the last of their energy reserves, Stony Brook broke through the Fordham defense to win in dramatic fashion 26-21. 

Fordham didn't need to win this final to win the Empire series, as they had already finished the highest among Empire teams in the previous two tournaments. Coming 2nd this weekend ensured they won the series.  

In the Chesapeake Conference, the teams were seeded based on their performances in four previous tournaments. James Madison was one of the few teams to play in all four, finishing 3rd, 2nd, 4th, and 2nd in the other events. But this time around, JMU took the title, edging Mary Washington 17-12 in the semis, and beating Virginia Tech 14-5 in the final. Salisbury took 3rd 20-0 over UMW.

UPDATE: Boston College beat University of Notre Dame in the Jesuit 7s and that is a USA Rugby Qualifier. However, BC is a CRC team.

We still have some qualifiers to come, but here is the list of qualified USA Rugby DI teams so far:

Cal (going to CRC)
Central Washington
Arizona (going to CRC)
AIC (going to CRC)
Florida International
St. Joseph's (going to CRC)
South Carolina (going to CRC)
Ohio State
James Madison
Bowling Green
Kansas State

Santa Clara

(A note from Stanford's win last week at the Pac West. The tournament was without Chico State and UC Davis, but was a solid effort from Stanford nonetheless, as the Cardinal beat San Jose State, UC Santa Cruz, and Nevada, before a tough rematch with Nevada in the final which Stanford won 26-22. 

Nevada did well playing a physical game that was designed to exploit their athleticism. "From our perspective, it was great to see the boys play in our shapes on attack and defense," said Stanford Head Coach Josh Sutcliffe. "We've been building our style since last spring, so it is great to see the players developing trust in each other to get the job done."

Guy Kasznik was an attacking threat for Stanford and props Ian McColl and Sean Means led the way in creating opportunities for turnovers and staying connected on defense.)

Bowling Green defeated Louisville 26-14 in the MAC final, scoring two tries in the second have to break a 14-14 deadlock.

And Kansas State defeated Missouri 10-7 to win the Heart of America conference. Missouri led 7-5 at halftime, and the teams battled to a standstill in the second half. Then the referee announced the final play on a scrum to Missouri. Missouri was penalized, and Kansas State got one more shot. They worked the ball for several minutes and then worked it out to Greg Fry for the game-winner.

KSU defeated Washington U (STL) 48-0, Nebraska 34-0, and Iowa State 40-5 in pool play. In the semis they shutout out Kansas 40-0.

So eleven teams are set for the 16-team field in Glendale, with the Red River and Armory 7s winners to be decided. 

As we showed here, maybe as many as 24 other teams might feel their have a case for at-larger inclusion.  



Major Men's College 7s Tournaments Around the Country.
Date Tournament Name Winner Qualifier Notes
10/8/2016 West Coast 7s (SLO) Cal   Going to CRC
11/15/2016 NCRC 7s CWU USAR  
10/22-23/'16 West Coast 7s (San Francisco) Arizona USAR  
11/12-13/'16 PAC Conference 7s (Tucson) Cal   Going to CRC
1/28/2017 SIRC 7s FIU USAR  
2/12/2017 Furman Invitational 7s Clemson    
2/18/2017 New Orleans Collegiate Sevens LSU    
2/18/2017 Scrum for the Cure South Carolina    
2/18/2017 Chesapeake Conference Series Bowling Green   Part of a Series
2/25/2017 Moosemen 7s Ohio State    
2/25/2017 Bix XII 7s Arkansas USAR  
2/25/2017 Chesapeake Conference Series Maryland   Part of a Series
3/2/2017 Las Vegas Invitational Lindenwood CRC  
3/4/2017 Elon 7s (NC) Duke NSCRO  
3/11/2017 Wheeling Jesuit 7s Canceled    
3/11/2017 Spring Hill College Sevens      
3/18/2017 NDC 7s Canceled    
3/19/2017 2016 Ariel Re Bermuda Sevens Kutztown    
3/25/2017 Heart of America Classic AIC CRC/USAR AIC Going to CRC
3/25/2017 SoConn 7s UNC-W   Part of a Series
3/25/2017 SEC 7s Canceled   Part of a Series
3/25/2017 Chesapeake Conference Series Kutztown    
3/25/2017 St. Mary's 7s (Md.) Christendom NSCRO  
3/25/2017 Keystone 7s (Temple) St. Joseph's   Part of a Series
4/1/2017 Empire Sevens I (Stony Brook) Kutztown/Fordham   Part of a Series
4/1/2017 Hogan Memorial 7s Ohio State    
4/1/2017 SEC 7s South Carolina USAR Final
4/1/2017 Chesapeake Conference Series Virginia Tech   Part of a Series
4/1/2017 Keystone 7s (West Chester) St. Joseph's   Part of a Series
4/1/2017 CCRC April Fool's Old Dominion    
4/2/2017 Tri-State 7s   USAR DII  
4/8/2017 SoConn 7s Furman    
4/8/2017 Keystone 7s (Millersville) St. Joseph's   Part of a Series SJU to CRC
4/8/2017 Colonial Coast 7s   USAR DII  
4/8/2017 Gateway Conf. 7s   USAR DII  
4/8/2017 Michigan 7s Wisconsin    
4/8/2017 Chancellor's Cup 7s (TexasA&M) Texas A&M    
4/8/2017 Lonestar Conf. 7s (UT Dallas)   NSCRO  
4/8/2017 St. Bonaventure Sevens Kutztown    
4/8/2017 SEC 7s Finals South Carolina CRC  
4/8/2017 East Penn 7s (Lancaster, Pa.) St. Mary's Md. NSCRO  
4/8/2017 Tulane 7s (La.) NMHU NSCRO  
4/8/2017 Foodbank (Platsburgh, NY) Colby NSCRO  
4/8/2017 Rocky Mountain 7s Wyoming USAR  
4/9/2017 Scott Miley 7s AIC USAR  
4/9/2017 Empire Sevens II (Colgate) Fordham    
4/15/2017 Ivy League Dartmouth    
4/15/2017 Pacific Western 7s Stanford USAR  
4/15/2017 Tropical 7s FIU    
4/22/2017 Big Ten 7s Ohio State USAR  
4/22/2017 Kutztown Sevens Kutztown    
4/22/2017 Empire Sevens III (Binghamton) Stony Brook USAR* Fordham won Series and is USA Qualifier
4/22-23 Jesuit 7s (Santa Clara, Calif.) Santa Clara USAR  
4/22/2017 MAC 7s Bowling Green USAR  
4/22/2017 Chesapeake Conference Series James Madison USAR  
4/22/2017 Winona 7s (Minn.) UW-Stevens Point NSCRO  
4/22/2017 Grove City 7s (Pittsburgh, Pa.)   NSCRO  
4/22/2017 Fools Fest 7s Principia USAR DII  
4/22/2017 MARC 7s   USAR DII  
4/22/2017 Heart of America 7s Kansas State USAR  
4/23/2017 NECRC 7s Norwich USAR DII  
4/29/2017 Red River Conf. 7s   USAR  
4/29/2017 U. Buffalo 7s      
4/29/2017 NEWCRC 7s   USAR DII  
4/30/2017 Chris Munn 7's      
4/30/2017 AIC / Armory 7s   USAR  
5/6/2017 Upper Midwest 7s (Cottage Gr. WI)   USAR DII  
5/13/2017 Irish 7s      
5/19/2017 USA Rugby Collegiate Championship      
5/20/2017 West Point 7s      
6/2/2017 Collegiate Rugby Championship Invitational      


-- Additional reporting and writing by Conor O'Brien