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College 7s Championship Update - Men DI

College Men

College 7s Championship Update - Men DI

Wyoming has booked a place at USA Rugby's nationals in Glendale, Colo. Steven Zomberg photo.

We're getting close to the climax of college 7s.

The tournament frequency and meaning will ramp up starting this coming weekend, and here's a quick look at what has happened so far.

St. Joseph's swept the Keystone series, and did so in pretty impressive fashion. 7s Training Plan at Heart of St. Joe's Spring

Fordham won the first two of the Empire Series, and has looked quite strong so far. In the latest final at Colgate, Fordham shut out Stony Brook 31-0 in the final. Stony Brook had all the right moves, but Fordham had an answer for each one of them. The first half Fordham came out with a fire which was backed up with a physical brand of rugby. They stayed in Stony Brooks face and gave them little time to execute. In the second half, Fordham did not deviate from their clinical approach. They controlled the pace of the game by staying collected and slowing it down. Even with the game all but over, Fordham played for their shirts and added one more try before the final whistle.

So Fordham looks to be in good shape for the Empire title. 

South Carolina also were winners a week ago, taking the SEC 7s and with it garnering a spot in the CRC 7s Invitational. The Gamecocks were in control. shutting out Mississippi State and Georgia in pool play, and also beating Alabama 24-5. In the semis they also shut out their opponents, Tennessee, and capped it all off with a 26-12 win over Kentucky - their toughest game, as the two teams were tied 12-12 at halftime.

Alabama took 3rd and will be, along with Kentucky, looking to play at USA Rugby's nationals.

AIC won the Scott Miley 7s AIC Wins Scott Milley 7s, and Wyoming won the Rocky Mountain 7s, bating Colorado in the final. Wyoming certainly shed some flashes early in the season.


This past weekend, FIU won the Tropical 7s (not a qualifier, and FIU has qualified anyway), and Dartmouth won the Ivy League while Sanford won the Pac West.

Here's a list of 7s tournaments during the season. These are DI qualifiers for USA Rugby and/or the CRC, or other tournaments with DI men's college teams involved. Below that is a list of who is (or could be) slated to play in the two major 7s tournaments at the end of the season.


DI Men College 7s Tournaments
Date Tournament Name Winner Qualifier Notes
10/8/2016 West Coast 7s (SLO) Cal   Going to CRC
11/15/2016 NCRC 7s CWU USAR  
10/22-23/'16 West Coast 7s (San Francisco) Arizona USAR  
11/12-13/'16 PAC Conference 7s (Tucson) Cal   Going to CRC
1/28/2017 SIRC 7s FIU USAR  
2/12/2017 Furman Invitational 7s Clemson    
2/18/2017 New Orleans Collegiate Sevens LSU    
2/18/2017 Scrum for the Cure South Carolina    
2/18/2017 Chesapeake Conference Series Bowling Green   Part of a Series
2/25/2017 Moosemen 7s Ohio State    
2/25/2017 Bix XII 7s Arkansas USAR  
2/25/2017 Chesapeake Conference Series Maryland   Part of a Series
3/2/2017 Las Vegas Invitational Lindenwood CRC  
3/4/2017 Elon 7s (NC) Duke NSCRO  
3/11/2017 Wheeling Jesuit 7s Canceled    
3/18/2017 NDC 7s Canceled    
3/19/2017 2016 Ariel Re Bermuda Sevens Kutztown    
3/25/2017 Heart of America Classic AIC CRC/USAR AIC Going to CRC
3/25/2017 SoConn 7s UNC-W   Part of a Series
3/25/2017 SEC 7s Canceled   Part of a Series
3/25/2017 Chesapeake Conference Series Kutztown    
3/25/2017 Keystone 7s (Temple) St. Joseph's   Part of a Series
4/1/2017 Empire Sevens I (Stony Brook) Kutztown/Fordham   Part of a Series
4/1/2017 Hogan Memorial 7s Ohio State    
4/1/2017 SEC 7s South Carolina USAR Final
4/1/2017 Chesapeake Conference Series Virginia Tech   Part of a Series
4/1/2017 Keystone 7s (West Chester) St. Joseph's   Part of a Series
4/1/2017 CCRC April Fool's Old Dominion    
4/8/2017 Keystone 7s (Millersville) St. Joseph's   Part of a Series SJU to CRC
4/8/2017 Michigan 7s Wisconsin    
4/8/2017 Chancellor's Cup 7s (TexasA&M) Texas A&M    
4/8/2017 St. Bonaventure Sevens Kutztown    
4/8/2017 SEC 7s Finals South Caroiina CRC  
4/8/2017 Rocky Mountain 7s Wyoming USAR  
4/9/2017 Scott Miley 7s AIC USAR  
4/9/2017 Empire Sevens II (Colgate) Fordham   Part of a Series
4/15/2017 Capital 7s   USAR  
4/15/2017 Ivy League Dartmouth    
4/15/2017 Pacific Western 7s Stanford USAR  
4/15/2017 Tropical 7s FIU    
4/22/2017 Big Ten 7s   USAR  
4/22/2017 Kutztown Sevens      
4/22/2017 Empire Sevens III (Binghamton)   USAR Series Finale
4/22/2017 Jesuit 7s (Santa Clara, Calif.)   USAR  
4/22/2017 MAC 7s   USAR  
4/22/2017 Chesapeake Conference Series   USAR  
4/29/2017 Red River Conf. 7s   USAR  
4/29/2017 U. Buffalo 7s      
4/30/2017 Chris Munn 7's      
4/30/2017 AIC / Armory 7s   USAR  
5/13/2017 Irish 7s      
5/19/2017 USA Rugby Collegiate Championship      
5/20/2017 West Point 7s      
6/2/2017 Collegiate Rugby Championship Invitational      


CRC Invited or qualified: AIC (Qualified in HOA), Arizona, Arkansas State, Army, Boston College, Clemson, Dartmouth, Indiana, Kutztown, Life, Lindenwood (Qualified in LVI), Navy, Notre Dame, Penn State, Saint Mary's, St. Joseph's, Temple, Tennessee, Cal, Delaware, UCLA, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, South Carolina.


Teams that won a USA Rugby qualifier and are playing in the CRC: Cal, Arizona, AIC, St. Joseph's, South Carolina 


USA Rugby Qualified: Florida International, Arkansas, Wyoming, Stanford, Central Washington

Remaining Qualifiers: Empire Final, Jesuit 7s, MAC 7s, Chesapeake Final, Red River, Armory 7s

The Men's DI tournament will have 16 teams. With as many as 11 teams qualifying directly, there are at least five, and probably more, at-large places available.

Here are your current at-large candidates (based on high finishes in recent tournaments, or with an eye toward teams that are going deep into the 15s playoff season): Colorado, Western Washington, Notre Dame College, Davenport, Ohio State, Kentucky, Alabama, Stony Brook, Fordham, Lindenwood-Belleville, St. Bonaventure, San Diego State, Grand Canyon, Central Florida, UC Davis, Cal Poly, Air Force, Bowling Green, JMU, Mount Saint Mary's, Iona, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Utah, Wheeling Jesuit.

Some of those at-large candidates could win a qualifier. 


(Additional reporting and content by Conor O'Brien)