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Clinchers Loom In DIA Weekend

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Clinchers Loom In DIA Weekend

Colleen McCloskey photo.

Indiana and Ohio State can sew up spots in the Big Ten final with wins this weekend. 

Kutztown can clinch the Rugby East with a victory over St. Bonaventure.

Penn State is probably the second-best team in the Rugby East, but will visit Navy in a non-conference game that is more about rankings. If Navy wins this game, they might be able to break into the top four.

Iona and AIC are 3-0 in the I-95 Division of the Liberty. These two meet for what is basically the top spot in the whole conference. Iona won't be in the playoffs (they have opted out), but the top teams from each division will push for a playoff berth for the Liberty.

AIC will likely tbe the I-95 representative, but needs a win for seeding. Syracuse, Boston College, Northeastern, and possibly Buffalo are all chasing playoff spots.

A lot of eyes are on Davenport, which has started strong this fall. This past weekend the Panthers beat Penn State, OK a Penn State depleted by injury, but still. Davenport now faces Notre Dame College. A good victory could change the picture in the rankings, as well.

Rankings listed 1-20 are official D1A rankings. Rankings 21-40 are GRR DIA rankings. 


Date       Conference GRR Picks
10/23/19 Notre Dame (29) 40-31 Syracuse (36) Non-Conf. NA
10/26/19 St Bonaventure (18) at Kutztown (7) Rugby East KU by 20
10/26/19 Mary Washington at Army (13) Rugby East Army by 16
10/26/19 Penn State (10) at Navy (5) Non-Conf. Navy by 12
10/26/19 Minnesota (37) at Illinois (21) Big 10 Illinois by 6
10/26/19 Purdue at Indiana (17) Big 10 Indiana by 20
10/26/19 Notre Dame (29) at Michigan (32) Non-Conf. Pick 'em
10/26/19 Ohio State (19) at Wisconsin (34) Big 10 Ohio State 23
10/26/19 Air Force (40) at Utah State  Rocky Mountain Pick 'em
10/26/19 Wyoming  at BYU (9) Rocky Mountain BYU by a lot
10/26/19 Utah Valley (39) at Colorado St (16) Rocky Mountain CSU by 17
10/26/19 UMASS  at Boston College (30) Liberty BC by 25
10/26/19 Tufts at Rhode Island Liberty Pick 'em
10/26/19 Albany at  Syracuse (36) Liberty Syracuse by 30
10/26/19 Binghamton  at Oswego Liberty Oswego by 5
10/26/19 Cortland at Brockport Liberty Cortland by 6
10/26/19 Colgate at Buffalo Liberty Buffalo by 15
10/26/19 AIC (35) at Iona (14) Liberty Iona by 19
10/26/19 Northeastern (33) at Fordham (38) Liberty NU by 12
10/26/19 Rutgers at Stony Brook Liberty Stony Brook by 10
10/26/19 Davenport (8) at Notre Dame College (12) Non-Conf. Davenport by 15