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Chesapeake Unveils Schedile

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Chesapeake Unveils Schedile

The newly-formed Chesapeake Conference has finalized its schedule for the fall of 2016.

The new DIAA conference will feature all nine teams playing each other once, with the season wrapping up November 12, a week before the Rugby Bowls November 19. With three teams former ACRL members, two being top-four DII programs from last fall, one team being a champion NSCRO program, one being a DIAA playoff team and conference winner from last season, and two more very well-regarded DII teams, this will be a hugely competitive conference.

The first weekend features Towson v James Madison in an early showcase game. On October 1 and October 8, Salisbury takes on Towson and JMU in quick succession, which will be a tough week for the Sharks. Every game will be a tough test for Mount Saint Mary's as the small college national champions look to prove themselves at the DIAA level. They likely won't have too much trouble proving they belong.

Watch also for September 17 and Virginia Tech v Virginia - always a good rivalry game and a signal which of those two will contend.


Chesapeake Conference Schedule Fall 2016
9/10/2016 Mount St. Mary's at Georgetown Chesapeake
9/10/2016 James Madison at Towson Chesapeake
9/10/2016 Virginia at Salisbury Chesapeake
9/17/2016 Georgetown at Maryland Chesapeake
9/17/2016 James Madison at Mount St. Mary's Chesapeake
9/17/2016 Towson at Mary Washington Chesapeake
9/17/2016 Virginia Tech at Virginia Chesapeake
9/24/2016 Virginia at Georgetown Chesapeake
9/24/2016 Salisbury at Mary Washington Chesapeake
9/24/2016 Towson at Maryland Chesapeake
9/24/2016 Mount St. Mary's at Virginia Tech Chesapeake
10/1/2016 Georgetown at James Madison Chesapeake
10/1/2016 Mary Washington at Mount St. Mary's Chesapeake
10/1/2016 Virginia Tech at Maryland Chesapeake
10/1/2016 Towson at Salisbury Chesapeake
10/8/2016 James Madison at Salisbury Chesapeake
10/8/2016 Virginia at Mary Washington Chesapeake
10/8/2016 Maryland at Mount St. Mary's Chesapeake
10/8/2016 Virginia Tech at Towson Chesapeake
10/15/2016 Salisbury at Georgetown Chesapeake
10/15/2016 Maryland at James Madison Chesapeake
10/15/2016 Towson at Virginia Chesapeake
10/22/2016 Georgetown at Virginia Tech Chesapeake
10/22/2016 James Madison at Mary Washington Chesapeake
10/22/2016 Maryland at Virginia Chesapeake
10/22/2016 Salisbury at Mount St. Mary's Chesapeake
10/29/2016 Mary Washington at Georgetown Chesapeake
10/29/2016 Virginia at James Madison Chesapeake
10/29/2016 Mount St. Mary's at Towson Chesapeake
10/29/2016 Salisbury at Virginia Tech Chesapeake
11/5/2016 Georgetown at Towson Chesapeake
11/5/2016 Virginia Tech at James Madison Chesapeake
11/5/2016 Mary Washington at Maryland Chesapeake
11/5/2016 Mount St. Mary's at Virginia Chesapeake
11/12/2016 Maryland at Salisbury Chesapeake
11/12/2016 Virginia Tech at Mary Washington Chesapeake