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Chance for Travel Perk with EIRA Fundraising Drive

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Chance for Travel Perk with EIRA Fundraising Drive

Eagle Impact Rugby Academy is running its fundraising drive, and has a nice potential perk for donors.

Anyone who donates $25 or more will be eligible to win four e-passes from Southwest Airlines wherever they fly - one e-pass is good for a single-, one-way trip, so four e-passes is like getting two round-trip tickets. Your name is added to the drawing for every increment of $25 you donate.

This is made possible because one of the EIRA coaches, John Banarhall, among his several jobs, is a pilot for Southwest, and his volunteer time with nonprofit organizations (including EIRA) earned him two tickets from his employer. Banarhall has donated those tickets back to EIRA.

This fundraising drive will help EIRA work with talented up-and-coming players and give those kids opportunities to play overseas. 

For more details, go to: www.eirarugby.org