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Challenging Weekend for NA Lions in Heidelberg

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Challenging Weekend for NA Lions in Heidelberg

NA Lions players in Germany.

The North American Lions completed a solid Day One at the Heidelberg 7s in Germany.

U19 Girls

The Lions girls split their two games, opening their account with a 29-5 win over Les Gazelles out of France. But a quick turnaround was tough as they lost 22-12 to losing their opening game to Pretentious Bastards out of Netherlands.

The Pretentious Bastards went on to beat Les Gazelles leaving their pool standings as follows:

Pool F
Pretentious Bastards 2-0
NA Lions 1-1
Les Gazelles 0-2

Canada's MacDowell Rugby lost both pool games, to RBW out of Germany and the Sweden Development team.

Pool D
RBW 2-0
Sweeden Dev 1-1
MacDowell 0-2

Pool E
Dutch Delight 2-0
Apollo Perelini 1-1
Wiscombe Warriors 0-2

That set up a set of new pools: G: Lions, Gazelles, Bastards; H-RBW, Winscome, Sweden; I-MacDowell, Dutch Delight, Apollo.

This is a smart way to format nine-team tournaments but the re-seeding actually just replicated Pool F.

MacDowell upset  Dutch Delight 19-10 and lost a close one to Apollo Perelini. The NA Lions repeated their performances with a win over Les Gazelles and then will play Pretentious Bastards Sunday morning.

Then we go to the final round.


U16 Boys

The Lions Boys opened their account with a 26-14 win over Rugby Verband Hessen. But they lost their second game, to Strasbourg Alscace out of France to the tune of 26-7 before dropping a 29-10 decision to Rugby Academy Zuid out of the Netherlands.

San Diego Lions went 3-0 with wins over Mutzig Ovalie Molsheim, the Luxemberg national U16 program, and RBW. MacDowell lost to the Israeli national team but beat Rugby Verband Brandenburg 10-7. However they were dropped to 1-2 with a 47-0 loss to Czech Rugby.

Pool A
 Rugby Academy Zuid 3-0
Strasbourg Alsace 2-1
NA Lions 1-2
Verdand Hassen 0-3

Pool B
Czech Rugby 3-0
Israel 2-1
MacDowell 1-2
Rugby Verband Brandenburg 0-3

Pool C
SD Legion Academy 3-0
RBW 2-1
Mutzig Ovalie Molsheim 1-2
Luxemberg 0-3

So that sets up quarterfinal matchups. San Diego will play MacDowell. NA Lions will go into the Bowl semis finals against Rugby Verband Brandenburg.