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CCIG Wins USA Rugby Women's National Development Academy Tournament

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CCIG Wins USA Rugby Women's National Development Academy Tournament

CHULA VISTA, CA. - Six National Development Academy teams and the USA Rugby Women's Collegiate All-American Sevens (WCAAs) have completed their two-day round robin competition at the U.S. Olympic Training Site in Chula Vista, CA last weekend (June 16-17). Designed without a playoff structure, the tournament allowed each team to highlight individual players; focusing predominantly on athletic growth rather than winning or losing.

"We really wanted to focus on building the skill set and competitive depth of all the athletes participating this weekend. Our goal was to provide a challenging and dynamic competition that would allow players to showcase their individual athleticism while also learning how to adapt within their unique age groups," said Emilie Bydwell, USA Rugby's General Manager for Women's High Performance. "Through the tournament we saw a lot of athletes break out of their comfort zones and bring a heightened energy to each game."

Following the first day of competition, CCIG, Stars and Northeast Olympic Development Academies sat at the top of the standings with 4-0, 3-1 and 2-1 records, respectively. Atavus Academy and the Women's Collegiate All-American Sevens both followed with 1-2 records, while Armed Forces and Santa Barbara Rugby hunted for their first victory as a group.

On the second day, CCIG and Northeast Olympic Development Academy remained atop the table with Atavus picking up two more wins to move into the third-place position. Stars Academy moved to fourth, facing two tough losses on the day, while Armed Forces and Santa Barbara Rugby each made significant improvements to pickup two wins a piece.

The Women's Collegiate All-American Sevens finished the tournament 1-5, adding massive competitive knowledge to their overall exposure to advanced game play.

With all teams ranging in ages - and the WCAAs serving as the youngest of all - the tournament was a valuable learning experience for athletes to discover how to balance the differences in competitive levels, both within their own groups and with the opponents they faced.

Moving forward, USA Rugby's Women's High Performance staff will review the individual performances on display through the National Development Academy Tournament; making decisions on which athletes will be selected for the upcoming Women's Sevens High Performance Training Camp and future developmental training and Falcons level tours.

Women's NDA Tournament Standings | Day One

  1. CCIG | 4-0

  2. Stars Academy | 3-1

  3. National Olympic Development Academy | 2-1

  4. Atavus Academy | 1-2

  5. Women's Collegiate All-American Sevens | 1-2

  6. Armed Forces | 0-2

  7. Santa Barbara Rugby | 0-3

Women's NDA Tournament Standings | Day Two

  1. CCIG | 6-0

  2. National Olympic Development Academy | 4-2

  3. Atavus Academy | 3-3

  4. Stars Academy | 3-3

  5. Santa Barbara Rugby | 2-4

  6. Armed Forces | 2-4

  7. Women's Collegiate All-American Sevens | 1-5