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Cardinal Gibbons Turns Heads In Florida

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Cardinal Gibbons Turns Heads In Florida

Don't look now, but Cardinal Gibbons is 3-0 in Florida HS action.

The single-school team has beaten St. Thomas Aquinas, Boca Raston, and, most recently, West Pines to lead its league. It's a good start, said Coach Eric Aumann. 

"For it being early in the season, I think we are doing a good job in creating opportunities with offense, but the strongest part of our game is definitely defense," said Aumann. "Particularly, we're being patient waiting for the other team to make an offensive mistake so we can get our hands on a loose ball. We have seen many times where we are able to drive the opponent backwards when we are on defense so that certainly helps to force errors."

Junior No. 8 Chad Tiernan has been a solid player, and then had to move to scrumhalf, of all places, and has filled in well.

"He has had a great season so far but that is not surprise as he has shown much improvement through his involvement in EIRA and the HS All Americans," said Aumann. 

Player unavailabilities (lots of athletes use the weekends to visit colleges), has meant young players have had to step up. They've done that. But next weekend, Gibbons expects to have everyone available.

Flyhalf Nicholas Scheesley has been making good decisions and been opening things up for the rest of the backline. Up front, senior flanker Sasha Lazcano has played well on both sides of the ball.

"I think our biggest issue thus far is lack of discipline," warned Aumann. "We have guys that have been a bit too aggressive and it has cost us in multiple penalties for simple things and they know better so we hope to begin cleaning much of that up in the second half of the season as it is our goal to be successful in the playoffs this year."