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Capital Conference - Towson and Salisbury Again?

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Capital Conference - Towson and Salisbury Again?

The Capital Men's DII college conference will open up its season on September 12 with the same seven teams in the competition.

Perennial contenders Salisbury and Towson will clash in the big game of the fall on October 17, But both will do well to watch out for Georgetown - Towson visits Georgetown on October 3 and Salisbury hosts Georgetown on the final weekend of play.

Last season, Towson defeated Salisbury in the regular season but Salisbury followed that up with a close win in the playoffs. Towson went on to the national quarterfinals, where they were upended by James Madison. Salisbury was edged in the quarterfinals by Notre Dame College 18-15.


9/12/2015 Georgetown at George Mason Capital
9/12/2015 Salisbury at George Washington Capital
9/12/2015 Towson at Johns Hopkins Capital
9/19/2015 George Mason at Salisbury Capital
9/19/2015 Johns Hopkins at Georgetown Capital
9/19/2015 Towson at UMBC Capital
9/26/2015 Georgetown at George Washington Capital
9/26/2015 George Mason at Towson Capital
9/26/2015 UMBC at Johns Hopkins Capital
10/3/2015 George Washington at UMBC Capital
10/3/2015 Johns Hopkins at Salisbury Capital
10/3/2015 Towson at Georgetown Capital
10/10/2015 George Washington at Towson Capital
10/10/2015 Johns Hopkins at George Mason Capital
10/10/2015 Salisbury at UMBC Capital
10/17/2015 George Mason at George Washington Capital
10/17/2015 UMBC at Georgetown Capital
10/17/2015 Salisbury at Towson Capital
10/24/2015 George Washington at Johns Hopkins Capital
10/24/2015 Georgetown at Salisbury Capital
10/24/2015 UMBC at George Mason Capital