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Cape Fear 7s Back in Action

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Cape Fear 7s Back in Action

The Cape Fear 7s first days One of competition are done and, hopefully, so is the rain.

The rain in Wilmington, NC led to some wet balls and some knock-ons, but after a year off it was a welcome sight to see one of the largest 7s tournaments in the country get back into action.

The women’s military competition kicked off on Friday and the rest of the competition kicked off Saturday morning. You could see the smiles on the players, coaches, administration and even some of the ref's faces as you walked about the Cape Fear Soccer Park.

Men’s competitive competition of 12 teams from up and down the east coast is divided into three brackets, with everyone advancing to the single-elimination knockout stage on Sunday. Three Mid-Atlantic teams won their respective divisions, with NAV 7s, Schuylkill River, and Beltway Elite all taking 1st. USA Rugby South finished 2nd behind NAV 7s at 2-1 but they were close and got the tiebreaker as the top 2nd-place team to be the fourth to earn a bye.

The other eight teams will play for the opportunities to face one of these in the quarterfinals. The #8 seed plays #9 for the right to play the top seed NAV7s, #7 plays #10 to play Schuylkill, #6 plays #11 to play Beltway, and #5 takes on #12 play the #4 seed USA Rugby South.

The Women’s competitive competition was filled with five military teams in one pool and Savannah, Charlotte, Knoxville, and Scion out of Washington, DC to make a field of 9. As expected, Scion showed well on Day One.

The Men’s Open has 27 teams competing and the Women’s Open had a field of 19, to bring the total teams at the tournament to 68.

Due to the ambiguous national championship qualification, the teams who want to get selected and get a strong seed should be able to count on a strong finish at fear to move the hearts and minds of the sevens committee.