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Can Eagle Women Improve on 3rd?

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Can Eagle Women Improve on 3rd?

Celebrating a bronze medal, the USA eyes the same or better. Mike Lee KLC fotos for World Rugby.

By the time this next sequence of Sevens World Series tournaments is over the women will be halfway through their season.

The USA has a very good chance to secure a spot in the 2024 Olympics by finishing among the top four in the season. They can do that by repeating what they've done in Dubai and Capte Town, and finish 3rd.

But you can bet they want more than that. Certainly the Eagles are capable of winning tournaments. Since the beginning of the 2019 season, over 19 tournaments, Australia and New Zealand have won all but four tournaments. Canada won one of those other four, and the USA has won the other three.

And with their improved play and greater variety in attack, the USA should be targeting a tournament win despite the face that New Zealand and Australia host the next two events.

“After a tight turn around and a purposeful refinement block back in Chula Vista, we are refreshed and excited to have the opportunity to get back on the series straight away to continue to develop and perform on the world stage.," said Head Coach Emilie Bydwell. "While we are happy with the outcome of the first two tournaments, we know that has put us in a position where teams are gunning for us and we need to be prepared to meet what’s coming.  

"We are confident in what our potential is as a group and how we want to play, so our goal continues to be bringing that to life and to be 5% better across every aspect of the game each tournament. Our ability to remain present and take every tournament one game at a time continues to be critical to our success.” 

The Eagles are in a pool that they should win, but that also contains teams that tend to cause them problems. Ireland, Brazil, and Spain are in Pool C with the USA and certainly Spain is a team that seems to hang on tenaciously every time they play the Americans.

That game will be at 4PM ET on Friday and if the USA can be smart and finish their chances against Spain, they should be in excellent shape to make the semis again ... and maybe more than that. They then fae Brazil at 7:40pm ET and Ireland at 10:12. All games on Peacock.

USA Women's Team to Hamilton
Name Position HSBC Tournaments
1. Cheta Emba Prop/Hooker 24
2. Ilona Maher Center/Prop 19
3. Kayla Canett Flyhalf / Scrumhalf 16
4. Nicole Heavirland Hooker/Scrumhalf 30
5. Alex "Spiff" Sedrick Flyhalf/Center 8
6. Alena Olsen Scrumhalf 11
7. Naya Tapper (C) Wing/Prop 28
9. Joanne "Nana" Fa’avesi (she/her) Prop 25
11. Kristen Thomas Hooker/Prop 34
12. Kristi Kirshe (she/her) Center/Prop 15
22. Sammy Sullivan Prop 2
23. Lauren Doyle (C) Wing 34
99. Jaz Gray Wing 8